India shining

Mumbai is reopening from tomorrow albeit with some restrictions. Actually, we should stop calling these steps or Covid related protocols as restrictions and lap them up as the business as usual for future. There’s no way that uninhibited return to Pre Covid life seems possible at least in near future.

So what are these so called restrictions that we need to adopt for all times to come at least as it looks now? We have no choice but to invariably wear mask when we go out of our homes. This we will have to ensure till at least 75% of the country’s population receives its first dose of vaccination. We will have to avoid crowds – difficult for those using public transport, especially local trains – but we should avoid if given the choice. And the foremost requirement is to educate ordinary citizens to adapt good hygiene. Spitting and urinating in the open should be a sin and not only a taboo! Let’s have more Sulabh shauchalays and let’s maintain them well!

To my mind, at least in megapolises like Mumbai, while Metros , housing and traffic management could continue to be top of the mind issues, we need to invest in two things – CCTVs and public toilets. CCTVs will address the multiple problems of traffic offenders, criminals, public spitters and defilers, pet owners ( who let their pets dirty all the pavements ), road romeos and all those who try to take the system for granted. And we need more clean public toilets, especially for our ladies.

India is a superpower, economic behemoth, space explorer and IT Hub. These are our proud achievements. Let’s now become a social superpower- one that provides the best life to its citizens with super social and physical security, top class and affordable health care and superb amenities. And then we will see number of migrations from India coming down- on the contrary, talent returning home!

That will be the true “ India shining”.

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