50 is no mean feat

My regular readers know about Mr Malik, a rare personality, as we generally do not come across such personalities very often in our day to day lives.

A simile very often used to describe a person who has a tough facade but a soft heart inside is coconut. A coconut has a hard shell outside but the nut inside is soft. For Mr Malik, I go a step further. He’s like a raw coconut used by us to savour it’s water. It also has a tough shell ( requiring a sickle to unshell) and inside it’s not only filled with sweet nectarine water that quenches our thirst but also soft milky pulp or malai as we call it colloquially that tastefully satisfies our hunger too. Such is Mr Malik’s persona.

Mrs Malik is what a true lady is – a devoted wife, a doting mother, a dutiful daughter in law and a qualified professional who also contributed to family’s welfare!

And together, they have brought up two lovely daughters – educated, talented, professional, homely but fiercely independent! Though they both came from middle class families uprooted by partition, their thought process has always been progressive bereft of any conservatism. And the way daughters and their families bond with Mrs and Mr Malik, it’s enough to break the age old myth of a son’s requirement to take care of parents in old age.

It’s a milestone, a big occasion when two such good, affectionate, loveable people celebrate golden jubilee of their togetherness. And though in these Corona times, the celebration will be low key and restricted to immediate family, we, the friends, well wishers and admirers of this fantastic couple will also rejoice the occasion in our own small way.

We pray to God to give good health and prosperity to this beloved and respected couple so that after golden, they celebrate diamond and platinum jubilees of their togetherness.

Happy golden anniversary Mrs and Mr Malik.

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