Live life free of burden

It’s been some time that I last wrote a blog on Mahatria’s Pearl of wisdom. His today’s thought has once again impacted me deeply, inspiring me to share the same with my readers. The thought says:

Anything in life that comes to you should either stay with you, making you peaceful or should leave you, leaving you peaceful.

It should never stay with you, keeping you disturbed.

I think a major part of our life gets wasted on the activities, relationships and thoughts that we are either forced to live with against our will or are so very entwined in our day to day lives that’s it’s difficult for us to overcome them. The message is very deep and requires lots of pondering over, but let me cite a rather simple example. Many of us want to follow a healthy lifestyle, wake up early and do some yoga and meditation. Yet we find it difficult to get up early and in the process this lethargy makes us unhappy, but we are unable to let go off this habit. And this example can be extended to any part – we want to develop habit to read, but don’t find time, we want to get rid of a particular friend or acquaintance, yet we persist with him or her, we could be unhappy with our jobs, yet we continue for want of a viable alternative.

Another way of interpreting this great message by the great man is that we need to live in the present, without carrying the burden of past guilts or future expectations.

And yet another way of reading Mahatria’s mind is to be happy with whatever you have by way of material and relationships instead of being unhappy about what you don’t have. This was the theme of one of my other recent blogs too.

I feel blessed to be receiving these daily pearls from my friend, occasionally sharing them in my own humble way with my readers.

2 thoughts on “Live life free of burden

  1. This is a piece of advice, but human nature is somewhat different. Sometimes any relation or anything ( materialistic) is a burden but still u pretend to be happy because u have to live life free of burden


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