It’s such an irony

Our atmosphere is full of oxygen
But our friends and families are dying for oxygen!

People know Corona can be defeated through vaccination
In spite of luxury of two in-house manufacturers, where’s vaccination?

We have an advanced pharma industry
Yet Remedesivir production eludes this industry

Covid facilities were wound up for want of patients
Hospitals are now sending back patients

People want to work to earn money
Yet they are forced to sit at home and earn no money

Crematorium and burial ground are full of bodies
And no one knows how to dispose of so many bodies

Blame game is going on everywhere
It’s helping none, as Corona is spreading everywhere

Children are away from their parents
Parents miss children they being parents

Everyone wonders when shall this pandemic end
Hopefully it will be a new beginning after its end !

4 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Sir, copying a post on irony which I received as forwarded by someone today. Seems to be appropriate with reference to your above blog.

    Someone has nicely explained the irony in the present situation:

    “ Never have I seen
    such a mess in life.

    The air is pure but
    wearing a mask is

    Roads are empty
    but it is impossible
    to go on long drive.

    People have clean
    hands but there is a
    ban on shaking hands.

    Friends have time to
    sit together but they
    cannot get together.

    The cook inside you
    is crazy, but you cannot
    call anyone for lunch or

    Every Monday,
    the heart longs to go out, but the weekend does not seem to end.

    Those who have money
    have no way to spend it.

    Those who don’t have
    money have no way to
    earn it.

    There is enough time
    on hand but you can’t
    fulfill your dreams.

    The culprit is all around
    but cannot be seen.

    A world full of irony!
    Be positive but test negative.”


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