God is merciful

Came across a beautiful post on social media today. In short, a group of 15 soldiers led by a major was on its way to a forward post under extremely cold conditions where the group was to relieve the existing squad and hold the position for the next 3 months. It was falling snow and one of the members desired a cup of tea. All others endorsed this desire, but the problem was it was not possible to get tea in such harsh conditions unless they reached their post, which was still a good few kilometres far. The group then saw a dilapidated shanty that looked like a tea stall. They were all excited, but their excitement was short lived as on reaching the spot they found the shanty to be locked. Someone suggested to break open the lock, but the Major reprimanded them saying they were not a band of thugs but soldiers. However, the craving for a cup of tea was so overpowering that the Major reluctantly gave them permission to break open the lock. Luckily, the group found everything required for making tea inside the shanty and packet of biscuit was like an icing on the cake. The tea was like nectar of gods and completely satiated the group. The soldiers then decided to resume their journey. However, before leaving, the Major took a few thousand rupees from his wallet and kept the wad under sugar container for owner to pocket it on his return.

After completing three months, it was time for the group to return and it took the same route. It came across the same shanty but this time the owner was there. Tea stall owner, an old man. was happy to see 15 customers at a time and served the group piping hot tea. When asked about his tea stall in such a harsh terrain, he said that he was extremely grateful to the God for his mercy. Soldiers were surprised and questioned him further on the reason for his such strong belief in God when he seemed to be living in extreme poverty in such a harsh terrain. He said that about 3 months back, a group of terrorists attacked his only son for some information that he didn’t have and injured him grievously. He took his son to the hospital where a demand for big sum of money was placed on him for treatment. He came back to village but no one would lend him a penny for the fear of reprisal by terrorists. Crestfallen, he returned to his shanty only to observe the front lock open. As he reluctantly went inside, he found a big wad of money amounting to thousand of rupees kept under the sugar container. This reiterated his faith in almighty who not only broke his shanty’s lock but helped him with money. Of course, with all this money, his son was treated, who came back home hale and hearty. Soldiers looked at each other but their Major’s stern eyes were very clear – no one was to utter any word to break the old man’s faith in the god almighty!

This is a beautiful story and reestablishes the long standing faith that God’s largesse and mercy is bestowed upon humans through fellow humans only. The post ends with a recommendation that each one us should do one good thing each day for weak and downtrodden, so that no one ever loses faith in the god almighty and his sense of justice.

This is very relevant during the current Corona times when several ordinary people have emerged as daily life heroes – Sonu Sood, Pyare Khan and so many who are supplying foods and essentials to Corona victims and other needy people who have lost their jobs and livelihoods. Let’s support our servants, maids, drivers , gardeners, messengers etc even if they are unable to come and give duty!

This is the true religion much above any ritual or practice as it introduces the needy to the mercy of God.

6 thoughts on “God is merciful

  1. Wonderful blog for reposing faith in God. We all are passing through very critical and cruical juncture and need of hour is whatsoever help rendered under permissible limits would be great boon to someone in dire need.


  2. Wonderful post Sir. Truly there are so many unsung heroes coming forward under current circumstances, some supplying free tiffin services to those isolated n deprived of basic food for survival, some arranging to supply daily essential items to those in need, and many more. All this really brings back the belief in God and shows that yes Humanity does exist.
    As rightly said, we must support those around us who are in need, by whatever small way that we can.


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