Mahatria shows the way to happiness

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference

Mahatria’s thoughts continue to enamour me for these comprise deep philosophy expressed in simple words. As I have explained in my earlier blogs, my old friend Nachiappan, who is on a life transformation journey under Mahatria’s influence, continues to enrich my life by sharing Mahatria’s thoughts daily. Today’s thought reads:

“When I resist, what is happening continues to happen, creating misery in me.

When I accept, what is happening continues to happen, leaving me blissful.”

And the above is indeed my experience as it has helped me soothe my frayed nerves so often. Not going too far back, Covid pandemic really caused panic and worry and it agitated me, creating misery in me. Then I thought that neither was I the cause of this pandemic nor could I do much about except for observing the normal precautions. Yet I suffered Covid and recovered out of it too! Once I accepted this worldwide phenomenon, I became at peace with me.

The current political situation in the country, be it ongoing farmers’ agitation or ensuing Bengal elections, caused restlessness and worry ! The very thought of election related violence in West Bengal or Khalistani proponents behind farmers agitation made me miserable. Then I thought, who wants Khalistan and whether a fistful of misguided protagonists can even touch the communal fabric of the country that is woven around the principles of brotherhood and freedom ! Muslims understand, Sikhs understand and Hindus understand – India is their motherland and their fate and well being is connected to the destiny of this country! Who are these handful of misdirected people to cause any anxiety ?

I am at peace now. It doesn’t mean inaction. I will continue to contribute to the oneness of India in my own humble way; but by accepting the happenings around me, I am blissful rather than miserable!

Pranam Mahatria for the path shown by you is helping millions like me to lead a better life!

2 thoughts on “Mahatria shows the way to happiness

  1. “Courage to change things which we can” should be the mantra. Can’t agree more that we should do something in our own humble way to contribute to the unity and oneness of our country so that we leave a better place for the generations to come. Jai Hind.


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