A simple housewife much ahead of her time

We sometimes associate modernity with how we speak, what we wear and what’s our social status, to be read as our wealth and assets. But these are all outwardly things – real modernity is one that’s reflected in one’s attitude and action.

Widowed at a young age, lost her only young son to uncertainty and not death, with that uncertainty reigning over the rest of her life, supporting her daughter in an unhappy marriage to get divorce and walk out of her husband along with an infant daughter, encouraging her separated daughter to acquire professional skills to become financially independent, while she looked after her infant granddaughter and remained independent till her last breath thanks to her late husband’s pension.

To my mind, many of us educated folks with high social status and top notch jobs wear a facade of modernity though from inside we remain enmeshed in our deep rooted beliefs, superstitions and old school of thoughts. The above quoted instance of a difficult life full of challenging circumstances and yet lived with utmost pride and forward looking attitude is a true example of modernity or advancement as we think of, especially in the context of women liberation and empowerment.

Mother of my colleague and dear friend Swagata Bhaumik, Aruna Roychowdhury breathed her last a few days back at the ripe old age of 94 after a life full of struggle but extremely well lived!

Rest in peace ! My pronam to you!

18 thoughts on “A simple housewife much ahead of her time

  1. Indeed…
    A true example of Modernity in the truest sense of the term.
    A liberal woman who was miles ahead of her time in terms of thinking and values.
    Such a nice depiction Sir…


  2. Very well articulated Sir. They say genes never fail and the dignity and grit has surely been passed on to the next two generations. I am sure you would agree with me Sir .


  3. Dear Arvind! I am very grateful to view your beautiful excellent comments in regards to our Mother Aruna ( your nearest n dearest friend /colleague Swagata’s beloved Mother who breathed her last on 6th February, 2021 ar 10-30 pm. I am Boudi / friend of Swagata who was not just next door neighbour but nearest door neighbour. I also called Aruna Ma as Mother. any combination of 26 Alphabets can never explain my
    জননী জন্মভূমিশ্চ স্বর্গাদপী গরিয়সী।
    মাগো! তোমার মতো দেখতে সব গল্প উপন্যাসে,
    তোমার রঙে অবুঝ বিকেল,
    তোমায় ছাড়া শূন্য আকাশ।
    Our Mother Aruna was dignified, personified, Witty, honest, kind-hearted without Ego for all time to come. May her soul rest in peace.

    মাগো! ধরায় যখন দাও না ধরা
    হৃদয় তখন তোমায় ভরা,
    তোমার আশীষ অপার স্নেহ
    বর্ষে যেন অঝোর ধারা।


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