It’s 2-1 in favour of India

I was not even a teenager when India was all out for 42 in their second innings of second test match of the series at the historic ground of Lords in the year 1974. As aforesaid, I was very young but several times more passionate about the game of cricket than I am today. The nation was shocked at the humiliating performance by its national team and I distinctly remember the deep distress I felt and that I skipped a meal that day!

Fast forward it to 2020-21 India’s tour of Australia and dismal performance by Kohli’s heroes in the first test by being out at a paltry score of 36 and I won’t say that I didn’t feel bad, but the feeling was nowhere close to that passion of 1974! And today at enigmatic Gabba, a youthful and bruised India’s historic victory by scoring rather difficult 326 for victory in the 4th innings has healed whatever shallow wound I had when they scored 36 a few weeks ago! And we have new heroes – Pujara is new Dravid, Rahane new VVS and Rishabh new Dhoni. And what to say about new stars Siraj , Washington and Natarajan! It also shows the depth and width of Indian cricket, where almost a B team convincingly defeated all star Australian outfit!

Incidentally, the above victory also reminds me of another glorious victory by Indian team against a mighty West Indies consisting of Lloyd, Viv Richards, Greenidge, Kalicharan at Port of Spain in 1976 by chasing 403, first time any team scoring victory by chafing 400+ runs! And against pace battery of West Indies, many players were battered and bruised like what happened at Gabba this time!

Congratulations Ajinkya Rahane and his brave hearts for gratifying the hearts of Indians!

6 thoughts on “It’s 2-1 in favour of India

  1. Sir, a number of leadership lessons from this series. The most important being the intention, courage and perseverance to achieve the goal. Rahane and co had decided that they were not playing for a draw rather a win and there were some risks involved also but they took it. It’s also about having faith and confidence in junior or not so experienced team members and giving them the opportunity. Second lot should aways be ready and of course, one of the 14 principles of management “sub-ordinatation of individual goals over larger goal/interest of the nation.” Pujara showed the tenacity to stand against against one of the deadliest and even deliberate attack. The team members did not lose their calm even after being racially abused and decided not to leave the field even though the empires told them to leave if they wanted. Keep on developing other skills also. Being an all rounder is always better than being an specialist in today cut throat competition. In nutshell, a great team work resulting in dreams come true.


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