Three cheers for Covid vaccine

Vaccination drive has started all over the world, including in India. We should all be proud to be a nation where vaccination has commenced along with the major counties of the world, most prominently US. And we should salute those who have done this proud to us – Serum Institute that’s manufacturing covishield under licence from University of Oxford and Astra Zeneca at its Pune facility and covaxin by Bharat Biotech at its Hyderabad facility. These two companies have given India a head start over those countries that are looking up to manufacturing countries for their share. India has a large population of its own and covering the entire population with vaccination is not going to be an easy job, but simultaneously India will have to do philanthropy to fulfil the requirements of other countries, especially the friendly ones. This we all saw when at the personal request of President Trump, India diverted its home supply of hydroxychloroquine to US, a gesture that earned India a worldwide goodwill.

It’s most unfortunate that this proud moment for the country is not being celebrated and instead this issue is getting quagmired in needless political controversy! As a nation, we seemed to have forgotten all the good things! We are critical of aarogya Setu, do not feel confident about India’s own vaccine, are unhappy with the way government is tackling the economic aftermath of Covid 19 etc. But the worst is that we do not even celebrate valour of Indian forces – whether it’s surgical strike or our brave heart’s befitting response to Chinese aggression!

We as a nation seem to be hitting the new low as far as divergence of views is concerned – we don’t agree on farm bills, on article 370, on love jihad, on Ram mandir, but more worryingly on the acts of bravery of our armed forces. Let’s not fall prey to this political gimmick but remain united as a nation. Let’s worry about our farmers but celebrate the country’s vaccination drive.

7 thoughts on “Three cheers for Covid vaccine

  1. Sir, Do you really think there shouldn’t be opposition to abrogation of article 370, Or no 4G internet for 500 days, where even the courts have pulled up the centre for justifying the delay and asking the Union govt to state reasonable reasons to extend the 4G bans. Also, yes people are dead against the love jihad law because the law has revealed its draconian fangs, is infringing the fundamental choice the people to marry according to their own will, is arresting muslim men without any reasons, putting them in custody for weeks, stomping into every interfaith marriage. The UP state has become a moral police. It’s a highly regressive law being promoted by the extreme right wing outfits, who view all the muslims as terrorists. Plus, the reason why people are a little apprehensive of indian vaccines are because one of them hasn’t completed 3rd phase trial completely, and there are no results on efficacy of the vaccine as yet. Which is a cause of concern.

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    1. Yashi I am not a political blogger but a nationalist and proponent of national unity. One day Article 370 had to be abrogated to facilitate Kashmir coming into mainstream. Love Jihad is marketed wrongly with a communal undertone. It’s about the boys hiding their true identity and status from innocent girls and luring them into marriage. This is criminal and not a religious issue. Indians have loved Kashmiris; Kashmiris should reciprocate rather than fuel Pakistani dream of separating from India. Then there will be no requirement for blocking 4G and internet. And let me clarify all the vaccines including Indian vaccine are at par as far as clinical trials go and I am proud . Tragedy can happen anywhere. 25 people have died in Norway after being vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. Thanks nevertheless for expressing your views openly. I appreciate.


  2. Well said Sir. With the vaccine becoming available, let’s hope that things fall in place and results in well-being for all.


      1. Yes Sir. Your blogs are indeed thought provoking and I always also read the comments which are equally equally interesting and worth pondering too.


  3. Serious trust deficit, Sir. A nation can’t progress till they win the confidence of all and sundry and the ruling disposition has done the contrary. I am surprised that you seem to be supporting love jihad law also.


    1. Love jihad is misinterpreted on religious lines because jihad seems to have Persian Arabic urdu origin! Two matured individuals have full freedom to do anything; the problem is marrying a girl by disclosing insufficient information- the boy doing so could be of any religion! Let’s not go by the name of the law but underlying spirit! But I am glad you have expressed contrarian views! It’s not necessary to agree on everything!

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