Parental love and filial affection

During this Covid break, lots of stray thoughts are coming to my mind, egging me to put the same on paper. The thought that has suddenly erupted inside me today is the strangeness or oddity of a son or daughter not speaking to his/her father or mother sometimes during the whole lifetime! Unbelievable, isn’t it? While some reasons are comprehensible – a son or daughter marrying outside the community or religion without parental consent leading to lifelong termination of this most sensitive relationship, a few others are beyond comprehension!

Such an instance first came to my notice when I was quite young, in fact in my pre- teens. That was when my aunt got married. I heard that my to- be uncle was a self – made man, an orphan, who was brought up by neighbours, though later it transpired that his mother had died when he was very young and his father remarried. This is also understandable for seldom love is not lost between step mother and step son, the role of the man – the father and husband- becoming dubious! The next instance came to my mind when another of my close relatives married a fine person, whose father didn’t accompany the baraat or wedding procession. We were told that father and son were not on talking terms for a few years, but expected them to Kiss and make up, though that never happened and the person couldn’t even make it to his father’s funeral!

Currently, two people very close to me are not talking to each other and it beats me that when the life has become so uncertain, especially in the backdrop of Corona and the need is for people and communities to come together and fight this enemy , we have these instances of close souls, related by birth and blood, bringing in their egos and preconceived notions and spoiling what’s god’s gift to mankind- parental love and filial affection! Only yesterday I had prayed for departure of Corona for we had learnt our lessons. But it seems , we could still be a little distance away from it!

2 thoughts on “Parental love and filial affection

  1. Respected Sir, I full agree with Your Goodself views that life is uncertain specifically in backdrop of Corona or year 2020 which saw so many immortality even without effect of COVID. A week before when I attended funeral of close Uncle I realized how time passes by and soon we meet dead end of life , thereafter nothing is left except love , affection, respect and noble deeds of that person. So people should come together and so something memorable otherwise world moves on and forget everything about that person.

    So many gaps in today’s relations are created without a good reason and it cause ultimately rift. This should be avoided , Your Goodself’s article is a timely reminder to important facet of life.


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