No more Covid please!

Seasonal flu was an event

That happened without fail every year

When season changed its mood

It was that part of the year!

This year too was no different

For I had fever with chill and ache

Mentally I was prepared

For 2 days of rest and break.

Little I realised

This was not a normal year

A pandemic was unleashed on mankind

That was increasingly becoming hard to bear!

And I tested positive for Covid

There was absolutely no consolation

I was moved to a separate room

For a fortnight of isolation !

Doctor was circumspect

For it was no known devil

This was a mysterious disease

That was mother of all evils!

As I count my days of isolation

I thank my stars and prayers by all for my condition

I seem to have recovered well

God seems to have heard my petition

I pray for safety of fellow humans

And wish Covid an early demise

We have all learnt our lessons

And have become enough wise !

7 thoughts on “No more Covid please!

  1. Just came to know that you too felt to trap by this pandemic.. You are fighter with super positivity n resilience! pray for your good health Sir !!


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