Let’s ask ourselves – what am I ? Warrior or carrier?

Now that the process of unlockdown has started, things are slowly trying to come back to normal. However, the point to be noted is that unlockdown is not an outcome of waning Covid. Rather Covid seems to be growing stronger, infecting people and killing many. The latest victim of Covid is US President Trump, who seems to have come out of it as dramatically as he fell victim.

But people are treating this opening up as old normal. They are crowding markets, bidding adieu to masks, becoming casual about need for social distancing and doing almost everything that they were doing in the pre Covid period. So far Mumbai local and metro have not commenced services but I am sure once these services restart, the scene will not be very different.

Actually, the main reason behind this casualness is the feeling that I am immune to Covid! Everyone thinks so unless he or she is actually infected! But here people should understand that if the President of the most advanced nation on the earth is vulnerable, than we ordinary mortals are certainly very much on Covid’s hit list!

The reality is that by not observing the Covid rules, we are not only risking our lives, but we are in fact becoming Corona carriers, as against Corona warriors who are national heroes. When we don’t wear mask, don’t practice social distancing, don’t go out unless extremely urgent and adapt “ care a hoot” attitude, we are making ourselves corona carriers. We may have natural immunity or antibodies as a result of herd immunity, but we can transmit the virus to others, which could be fatal for those who may not be as strong as we are! I go a step further and assert that by applying the analogy of Corona warriors being national heroes, Corona carriers become national villains. When it comes to the matter of community, the onus is on each member to ensure the safety and well being of the community. One rotten fish can spoil the entire pond.

Lockdown is opening

And things are becoming normal

But not wearing mask and being careless

Are both impudent and immoral!

Warriors have fought the virus for months

They are exhausted, tired and groggy

If we can’t augment their efforts

Let’s not be carriers either, making nation’s fight soggy!

Let’s defeat Corona and eradicate it because it’s so contagious that even if one strain remains amongst us, communities will continue to face suffering. Let’s resolve that enough is enough and Corona must exit now!

2 thoughts on “Let’s ask ourselves – what am I ? Warrior or carrier?

  1. The blogger has rightfully and dutifully raised pertinent concerns of post lockdown which are very alarming. One must strictly follow the don’ts of this menace.

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