Let’s live the moment -2

رزق اور موت کا خوف نہ رکھو
یہ اختیار صرف اللہ کے ہاتھ میں ہے..
रीजक और मौत का खौफ न रखों_ये‌ एख्त्यार सिर्फ अल्लाह के हाथ में है .

I think I am currently fascinated with writing sequels. Yesterday I wrote something about a Sikh preacher, who had interpreted Guru Nanak’s words that had a great relevance, especially in today’s milieu. The above couplet is something I came across today in one of the the Urdu groups I am member of that seems to be another interpretation of my previous thought.

Rizak is livelihood or the work we do to earn our livelihood and Maut is death. I think these two are currently the biggest causes of depression that’s forcing many ordinary and not so ordinary folks to committing suicide. Corona virus has scared us to our bones and though in some senses the strain seems to be weakening, the fact is that we are all worried about our lives. And of course, one of the biggest victims of this pandemic is economy that’s resulting in job losses all around! Factories are yet to restart to full capacity and the bigger challenge is to bring back labour who has migrated back to native. Companies are finding it difficult to sustain their workforce, when revenue streams have dried up.

I think the above couplet shows the light and the way. “Don’t be scared of loss of life and livelihood; no one else but only God almighty controls both of these.” There are several other connotations of the aforesaid teaching – “ जिसने पैदा किया है वो जीने की राह भी दिखाएगा ( Giver of life will also open the way for its sustenance)” , “जाके राखो साईंया मार सके ना कोई ( who can kill one whom the God protects) .

When nothing else works, faith works and let’s hold on to the string called life, for if life is there, livelihood will be arranged as both of these are not in any individual’s but God’s domain and control.

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