Essence of marriage

The Kapil Sharma show is a light hearted comedy show mainly aimed at providing easy and slapstick entertainment to its viewers. However, sometimes inspiration for a blog can come from something as light and unserious as TKSS!

In today’s episode, two highly talented individuals and a made for each other couple, Renuka Shahane and Ashutosh Rana were guests. Kapil Sharma and his gang kept the mood light and humorous by their sheer timing. However, even in this light hearted banter, the depth of the thought process of Renuka and Ashutosh was obvious. Renuka, fondly remembered by her fans since her Surbhi days, left an indelible impression on the audience in her side role as Madhuri’s elder sister in all time favourite blockbuster Hum Aapke Hain Koun, while Ashutosh is an accomplished actor and a versatile writer and poet. Yet they are like chalk and cheese. She’s Mumbai bred urbanite from traditional Maharashtrian family, while Ashutosh is from small town who has made it big on the strength of his sheer talent and resolve.

While the episode of TKSS was replete with some super gems, expressed in jibe and humour , keeping in mind the mood of the show, one thing that especially struck me was the response to the question posed to them by Kapil on the married life. Question in itself was very light that why the girl friend and boy friend change after becoming wife and husband. While Renuka gave a very sweet reply that while the man eternally likes to play the part of a boy friend, the lady has to play so many roles – of wife, mother, daughter-in-law et al. But Ashutosh’s response was superb and probably a key to any happy marriage. He said, “ marriage is not about change, it’s about exchange.” I think this quotable quote embodies in it the very essence of a successful marriage. It’s refreshingly different from the much cliched view of the need for the girl to change after marriage to adapt to the new culture, way of living and lifestyle.

Hats off to this made for each other, progressive and talented real life couple having an equally successful reel life!

6 thoughts on “Essence of marriage

  1. Although I didn’t see the TKSS episode today but it has been so well described by the blogger and I felt that I am watching it through the Lense of blogger . The Blogger very well picked up nuances of good relationship coupled with excellent humour with which TKSS is known for ….A must read Blog


  2. Thank You Sir for sharing this. Renuka Shahne and Ashutosh Rana’ s example is convey message , Your Goodself nicely cover blog on TKSS too. Also want to share that I too used to watch Surabhi which is in memories ; however TKSS keeps it in oblivion.


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