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In my student days, I was quite good at general knowledge, especially current affairs. I used to spend lot of time reading newspaper and news magazines.

I think either my interest in current affairs is waning or simply I am not updating myself adequately. My readers are wondering what’s wrong with me and how I claim myself to ge a blogger strongly interested in the events happening around me?

And there’s reason for me to make the above statement. I am still stuck up in Covid pandemic! What’s so grave if India is almost touching 1 lakh fresh cases per day, may cross US as the nation having largest number of cases worldwide, vaccination seems still some distance away and world economy is in tatters? I am still concerned about Chinese aggressive posturing on LAC! With winters shortly setting in, the harsh Ladakh climate will test the mettle of our bravehearts? What then? Isn’t it part of their duty? What’s so serious about natural calamities? Don’t they strike mankind every now and then? I think I am not aligned to the nation, where the priority is not Corona, volatile Indian borders, unemployment et al ! You tune in to any news channel – there’s no mention of any of the above ? The most important national agenda currently is Sushant Rajput, Divya Salian, rave party, drugs, conspiracy theory, politicians, film stars, groups, lobbies, Kangana and so on !

It was unfortunate that two youngsters purportedly committed suicide. One jumped and other hanged himself. Two of them were connected in some way. There was relationship angle in the second suicide. And investigations are leading to new revelations.

Don’t we trust our law enforcement agencies and our judicial system to unravel the truth and bring accused to the table? Are these so called investigating reporters licensed to undertake media trial of all those connected with the case – accused, witnesses, related parties? Isn’t it a known fact that a truth is not a truth unless proven? Is there no other issue pressing enough to merit even oblique attention of these channels and media? Is film industry any different from other industries that it should be absolutely clean, meritorious and neutral? Weren’t some of those who reached the apex and became hearth throbs outsiders to the industry who earned their position on the strength of their talent and versatility? Has Bollywood embraced no outsider except those with the roots or connections in the industry?

It’s all highly exaggerated. As a nation, we are falling into this trap of saucy and sensational journalism where all the trials henceforth be happening on the news channels and impressions be formed, heroes eulogised and villains condemned even before law takes its own course!

Even if we don’t trust our administrators, we should not forget our teachings? Truth always prevails though justice at times can get delayed? But there’s a process and it can be a matter of life and death for an innocent and therefore there’s no room for conjecture and sensationalism. Drug is an evil- but addict is a victim and not a culprit! Lovers do fall apart, but if it leads to any partner ending life it’s tragic! Film industry is a glam business and some unscrupulous people do surreptitiously enter the industry and vitiate it! There is no omnibus rule. Let the law takes its course and justice be dispensed! Till then it’s just a case with new revelations and contradictions each day enroute the final destination of justice! Let’s worry about lives, safety, jobs, businesses, economy, external threat and above all freedom from Corona.

6 thoughts on “Current affairs

  1. Sir, you have very succinctly and correctly pointed out the problematic behaviour of the media in this pandemic, where their priority seems to be everything except the glaring issues of economy,employment,defense etc.


  2. Respected Sir, today found something I had in me likewise yourself, these were reading current affairs a lot , now not hooking to news channels who do media trials. It is editorial writeup which leading Current affairs magzine should publish as this is full of veracity and convey message to nation.


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