It’s not vacation time!

Came across an interesting take on Covid in social media. Titled Corona Holidays, it goes beyond social distancing, wearing mask and washing hands frequently. It talks about making use of the break provided by Corona virus.

As the article goes, it exhorts readers to use this opportunity for something gainful other than eating junk food and watching television. Amongst the activities, the article lists reading a book, learning a new skill – be it as quaint as learning to cook a dish – and exercising the body. However, what makes the write up very unique is it’s suggestion to adopt daily office routine even if one is working from home. One should get up at the same time as he or she used to during office going days! After finishing daily chores, one should dress up properly as if one is going to office. It warns readers against wearing shabby lazy clothes throughout the day – shots, vest, nighty et al. In fact the article suggests that men should shave regularly and women should focus on personal upkeep.

The above is an entirely new take on Corona holidays. It’s a force majeure but we should not go into an inertia and take to lazy and unhealthy way of life. I have myself experienced change in mood and in fact, performance efficiency when I have treated work from home at par with work from office in respect of start time, breaks, end time and proper dressing. This lends the required seriousness to the office chore that it deserves.

We, the white collar types, who have our jobs and salaries protected, opportunity to work from the comforts of our luxurious homes, wherewithal to stay indoors without any problem and without having to worry about daily grocery and provisions, should thank almighty for this. Covid pandemic has rendered millions jobless and penniless, facing severe challenges in meeting their day to day essential requirements. Who knows when will factories resume normal functioning, infra sites resume developmental work, daily wage earners start getting labour contracts and other menial jobs will be available again? We the privileged ones, instead of treating this break as a holiday, should treat it as an opportunity for self introspection, improvement and improvisation so as to emerge better human beings.

Corona pandemic is not a vacation,

Rather it’s an opportunity for self introspection;

Eating and sleeping are not the only aims,

Learning something new can change the game;

Millions are hungry and without proper work,

Let’s help such needy and not shirk;

In adversity communities should unite,

If we look other way, our conscience will bite;

Let’s do something for ourselves and our brethren in need;

Because we are Indians, known world over for our noble deed!

5 thoughts on “It’s not vacation time!

  1. Rightly said sir….!!!
    Am really thankful to my beloved Organisation for the salaries i earned in this pandemic …



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