Death is the most powerful

He announced his ailment in May last year. Came to Mumbai in June for treatment. In 3 months time it was concluded that the strain was incurable. We were advised to try out alternative medicines. We took him to Bhilwara for Ayurvedic treatment that claimed cancer cure by following a regimen. He went back to follow the regimen. When the pain became unbearable, he returned in December. Various treatments were tried that gave him relief albeit temporarily. He was stuck here for 7 months due to Covid lockdown. Doctors advised us to take first flight home as soon as flights resumed. He went back in July and breathed his last this morning after losing battle to the dreaded cancer.

He was God’s man. Was he religious? No I don’t think so! Did he visit temples and Gurudwaras? Again the answer is no! Did he observe festivals and rituals associated with them? The answer is a firm no! Did he pray? Not that I know of, unless he was saying his prayers silently! Then how could be God’s very own man. Because he was selfless, gentle, honest to the core, unpretentious, out of any rat race for chasing materialistic goals and never said a bad word about anyone – not even for his worst enemies, which he had none! He lost more money than he earned in spite of working very hard, yet he had no rancour for his business partners who short changed him!

It was his first visit to our residence for which we had to wait for more than 32 years into our married life and that too under the most unfortunate circumstances. He was shuttling between hospitals and doctors yet we had good days to enjoy life. As he summed up most innocently – “ I might have come to Mumbai for treatment of a terminal ailment, yet I have had the time of my life.”

All forms of treatment, all sorts of prayers and mantras, magic potions and miracle cures prove ineffective for the death is all powerful and the ultimate destination and nobody can defeat or delay the destined moment!

A son, brother, father, husband and a friend is gone, but for the family, his memories will linger on for all times to come. So many people prayed for him and wished him well! He was too shy and reticent to convey his thanks for he knew no formalities! I fulfil this unfinished task on his behalf!

Rest in peace Jasmit! In death you have found deliverance from your woes! Gods will throw open the gates of heaven to welcome you because you were such a noble soul!

His last birthday at our place in April 2020

24 thoughts on “Death is the most powerful

  1. Dear Sir,my humble gratitude to the gentle soul and may he rest in eternal peace.God has his own ways of conveying his messages and one is by sending a gentle soul like him
    My deep condolences ,Sir


  2. May his soul rest in peace and may god give enough power to you, madam and other members of the family to bear this immense loss. 🙏


  3. So sorry to learn this. Feel your feelings in every word. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.. Howsoever, one may prepare for the inevitable, death of near and dear ones is always difficult. Had met him in last March. Death is the ultimate freedom & ultimate peace that Jasprit deserved. Om Shanti..


  4. Sir, I can imagine how you must be feeling right now. I’m so sorry for your loss. My condolences go out to you and your family🙏


  5. Ancient Egyptians beleived that upon death they would be asked two questions and their answers woud determine whether they continue their journey afterlife. The first questions was, “Did you find joy?” If yes, the second was “Did you bring joy to others?”
    Jasmit’s anwers will be a loud “YES” to both the questions!
    And thus should that impart peace to all who knew him during his lifetime. For Jasmit shall continue to give JOY in his afterlife.
    Be at peace for Jasmit shall continue to shine in your memories.


  6. Dear Arvind,
    My beloved brother Jasmit was a kind man and a pious soul.
    It is heartbreaking to imagine he will not be in our lives anymore.
    He will always be in our thoughts and memories.
    May god bless his family and friends and give us the strength to carry forward his dreams.


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