Good times -2

“Life is Beautiful”

My yesterday’s blog on Good times pushes me further to explore this theme of yearning for future more. As explained in my previous blog, living the moment is easier said than done because of our fascination with a happier tomorrow.

The contrarian view is that while there could be disenchantment with the present and obsession for the future, when I reflect on the past, there’s this general feeling of the all being well in the past on the hind sight. The missed opportunity, the momentary shock, the spontaneous disappointment were in fact all blessing in disguise on reflection! This is further emboldened by the thought I came across in Mahatria’s latest message that says-

“We are all created for unique destinations. It seems like we are all in the same game! Yet, each one’s direction and finishing line is unique and different. No replacement. No substitution. You can take no one’s place. No one can take your place. You are here to be YOU.

All times are unique to us because we are we. Whether the same is good or bad, it’s all in mind. Whether this Covid time is the time to introspect or commit suicide depends on us. When Covid goes, whether we fall back into the rut or imbibe the learning to make our lives better is entirely our prerogative,

If the good times have not lasted

Bad times will also not last;

Very soon the current Corona pandemic

Will be a thing of the past!

Unless we live in present

And enjoy each day as it comes in time

We will keep in on waiting for good times,

Killing our present for some unknown future time !!

2 thoughts on “Good times -2

  1. Your blog on Good Times brings to mind the beginning of a monologue from a pastoral comedy, “As You Like it” by Shakespeare ….. All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts …….”
    Your quote of Mahatira is apt for all humans on this planet.
    Thanks for another well-written article.


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