Good times

We all philosophise that a person should live in present; he or she should live the moment rather than chasing the future. A person should cherish whatever he or she has rather than chasing more or better. Howsoever true the above philosophy may be and how frequently we may either be preaching or be preached about it, the fact is that we all live in future – physically in present but mentally and wishfully in future! Needless to give a caveat here that in current Corona times, all of us are yearning for the future, ironically that’s going to be replica of our much abhorred past!

Readers must be wondering why this post and what’s its relevance in today’s context when mentally and wishfully all of us are yearning for Corona free future? The reason is that it’s been striking my mind that in less than 2 years I will be retiring from active service – another name for 9 to 6 job that of late has acquired monstrous proportions thanks again to Corona and it’s consequence viz. Work from home- and then I will be having all the time to pursue or cover up whatever I couldn’t do all these times while satisfying my physical and familial requirements. I would read, travel, sleep, learn music, go on long walks, spend time with my daughter’s family, visit my extended family and meet old time relations and friends etc etc. However, then suddenly the above philosophy of which I have been both – a preacher as also a follower – came to beckon me forcing me to rethink. Indeed, all my life I have chased the future. As young school boy, I fantasised free college life, as a collegiate I longed for financial independence by becoming a professional , as a professional I dreamt about being rich and top executive and while with the grace of god, most of the chased targets have been largely achieved with 20-30% plus and minus, the chase has not ended! As I put it in verse:

In the childhood I chased youth,

But I was indeed such an uncouth;

For in youth I chased old age,

Considering it to be a golden age;

Now that old age beckons me,

The reality suddenly reckons me;

Where will be the end of this chase?

Will it be only at the grave?

My readers may again accuse me of spreading negativity, which I heartily detest. But living in the present is easier said than done. I think inherently it’s in man’s nature to chase a better tomorrow. If it’s indeed better, we should not forget the struggles of the past and become more humble ; if it’s worse, we should not grudge and be gratuitous for the God having been kind enough to have given us our share of good times!

And if it’s all in the mind, let’s train our minds so that not only today, but all times to come are good times!

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