Happy international friendship day

What distinguishes human beings from other living creatures is their sense of relationships. While some relationships are by blood – one’s parents and children – there are others that are acquired through betrothal or contract like spouse and in laws. However, one relationship that’s neither acquired by blood nor betrothal and that entails no responsibility, obligation, duty , compulsion or formality but is purely a matter of heart and choice is friendship. Today being the international friendship day, I dedicate this write up to all my friends.

First set of friends get acquired in school. Today, in the jet age, while children may have to change schools frequently on account of their parents changing job and station, I was lucky to have studied in the same school for 12 long years and in the process make some enduring friendships that have lasted till date after more than half a century!

As one moves to college, the bonhomie of school starts going amiss, but those who pursue professional courses by staying in hostels do build up lasting friendships. I didn’t have that opportunity but still have a few college friends.

As one turns professional, priorities change and rat race begins. During our day to day working, we do come across colleagues, associates, vendors, clients etc, but all acquaintanceships are not friendships. In fact, there’s a thin line between the two and sometimes when it gets blurred is difficult to ascertain. Similarly in our personal lives we come across neighbours, good Samaritans et al, but friendship is different as mentioned above.

We are all busy in our lives chasing our dreams and running day and night to fulfill needs of our own self and our family members – more luxuries than needs. In this daily struggle, we may not frequently call up friends, send them WhatsApp messages, wish them happy birthday or anniversary, but deep in our hearts we know that those friends are there for us ! The very thought of meeting them and spending some quality time reliving the old times is in fact the fuel that keeps us going.

On this international friendship day, let me tell all my friends that I truly nurture and value our relationship and pay an ode to them that reads-

Diamonds are forever,

That’s how the saying goes

My coffers are empty having no diamonds

But is it really my loss?

Not quite, if you don’t believe

Have a look at my treasure, at my trove;

It’s full of precious gems called friends, that too without any behove!

Let’s celebrate, nurture and value this selfless relationship on this international friendship day!

10 thoughts on “Happy international friendship day

    1. Well said, Sir! Friendship is difficult to define, for me. Inter alia, the friendship is taught in the epics – Ramayana & Mahabharata. Lord Rama’s friendship with Nishad Raj Guha and Lord Krishna’s friendship with Sudama are thought-provoking. Two different yugas, two different examples of friendships are imitative for us.
      I am grateful to the Lord for having me a great friend like you. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day, Sir! 🙏


  1. Reading through lines felt like humming of Gulzar style prose. Beautiful narrative.
    Friends are really an asset as they don’t have to change for us neither we intend to change them. We just get along.


  2. Really sir it is great term and relationship which is beyond explanation but we have great respect for the manner, words and emotion which you have expressed on the friend ship day.🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹


  3. Really sir it is great term and relationship which is beyond explanation. we have great respect for the manner, words and emotion which you have expressed on the friend ship day.🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹


  4. “Hum Hai Naa!’
    “All for One, and One for All”
    — familiar expressions that deftly define the feelings of FREINDS so well describe in your blog!
    Kudos to another blog that is delightful to read about a subject so close to the heart !!!


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