Subconscious Mind and beliefs

My readers by now have a fair bit of idea on why Mahatria’s thoughts are found to be so very inspiring by me, motivating me to share the same with the larger audience for their benefit.

In a discourse broadcasted on YouTube, he has very effectively highlighted the need to develop one’s subconscious mind. As explained by him, our conscious mind is only 1/8th of our total mind, the remaining 7/8 being the subconscious mind. And all our lives we use only 1/8th of our mind, which is as if in factory called mind that’s employing 8 workers, only 1 is working while the remaining 7 are being subsidised by this one!

According to Mahatria, power of man is in his mind, power of mind is in subconscious mind and power of subconscious mind is in subconscious beliefs. To build a powerful subconscious mind, he suggests a three pronged approach comprising the following steps:

(1) Avoid mixed associations – As he brings out in a very nuanced manner that’s become his hallmark, he says that during the course of any feeling, any emotion or any action, our mind thinks in favour of it as also against it. We have no clarity of thought and we tend to mix the issue in for and against parlance. If we try, what if we fail? What if our request is not accepted but turned down? He explains that having mixed associations is a basic trait of conscious mind, but when we build clarity of thought and purpose, we reach subconscious mind, stoking our subconscious beliefs. We must pursue our goals and objectives with a single minded devotion.

(2) Honour every commitment – As he cites an example that if you say that you will do yoga each 365 days of the year, you are likely to fail your commitment. When you are sincere and make a commitment with an unfailing promise to honour it, it reinforces subconscious beliefs.

(3) Run your victory laps – As he explains, negative feelings are more deep rooted and are embedded in the subconscious mind and beliefs. Sadness, anger, failure, loss are all deeply embedded. To overcome these, we not only have to seek success or victory, but celebrate !

All the above are simple truths that we are aware of – clarity of thought, dedicated commitment and inculcate positivity! But when explained in simple words and structured manner by Mahatria, the impact is immediate and lasting. He, in fact, inspires you to follow these simple time tested truths to improve your life!

I find his thoughts even more relevant in the current Covid scenario, because unless one sees this pandemic with a spiritual lens, it can be heart rending and extremely traumatic!

Life is uncertain and difficult,

Covid has added to its miseries;

Listen to divine and think differently,

Clarity will emerge by unravelling all the mysteries!!

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