New beginning post Corona

The media is agog with the clear probability of Corona vaccine getting readied in next few months. Suddenly, there’s hope of the life going back to normal – free of masks, sanitisers, social distancing and lockdown.

However, such a once-in-lifetime experience should not be allowed to go waste if the idea is to go back to the old normal. While old normal is welcomed for getting rid of the aforesaid Corona related compulsions, we must adopt new normal, the one I have tried to explain in the few lines composed especially for my readers. The verse reads as below:

Life after Corona

Till now we have only worried –

First it was about school and grades,

And then higher study and higher trades;

Then started the struggle for a good job that was well paid,

That would have met my needs keeping me in shipshape ;

Need for a life companion followed soon,

And the desire was to have nothing less than the moon;

After all what’s marriage without procreation;

Aren’t children God’s finest creation ?

Children needed to go to the best of school,

The very thought of smart children would make us drool;

Meanwhile need to get ahead in the job was imminent,

Unless the rat race was won, the success was not pertinent;

Children had to be educated in the best college abroad,

Lest they would not earn in dollars and be the lord;

Luckily somewhere Corona brought life to a standstill,

That forced each one of us to pause before the next thrill;

Realisation dawned that what looked like thrill was nothing but sham,

The life was not being lived but it was a mere chase up to glam;

And now I am worried –

More than half of the life is gone,

There was so much to do but what I have done?

Have so far lived life chasing what I didn’t have,

Little realising all the bounty that I already had;

Ergo, now I want to live my life,

And bid adieu to worry and strife;

Unless we learn anything from this Corona pandemic in haste ,

The entire experience of lockdown will go waste;

It will be back to the life of chasing big dreams and newer goals,

By sacrificing the small things around us and that’s not all!

We will again ignore the chirping of bird and whispering of tree leaves,

And we may face another disruption and again pray for a reprieve !!!

Vaccine and cure will obliterate coronavirus sooner than we believe and we should start preparing for living the life as bestowed to us by the lord almighty!

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