35 years ago!

Yes, precisely 35 years ago my life made a fresh beginning. It was on 22nd July 1985 that I joined as probationary officer in now defunct, by virtue of its merger in SBI, State Bank of Bikaner &Jaipur. Certain moments in one’s life are defining moments that on the hindsight seemed to be matters of routine, but eventually proved to be game changers.

Such game changing, life defining moments are few and far between and can be counted on one’s finger tips – at least this applies in my case. The first such moment I distinctly remember was opening of new branch of Central School , of which my mother came to know, stood in queue for hours to get the form and then to deposit it, prepared me for admission interview and got me into it. In fact, I had already passed my Class I from Government school and I ended up repeating the level in Central School. The next was selection as PO in SBBJ, the next most coveted civilian job after civil services. It was an altogether new experience, with new learning and new friends – a few of us being in touch till date – probably the next best to the school friends’ relationship , which dates back to 1968 with a few who are still in touch. 1985 is the next best indeed. This opened up further opportunities as I managed an opening in the then newly opening new generation private sector bank, Axis Bank, then known as UTI Bank in 1994 and it has been a great journey since then, now on the verge of reaching finishing line!

22/7/85 will always remain important date, etched in my memory. I might have left the organisation, organisation itself might have ceased to exist, but for many of us, the batch of 1985, 22/7/85 will be a defining moment and SBBJ an institution evoking awe, as we reflect at that moment after 35 years. Age has caught up; many friends have already ended their innings and started fresh one; many moved on – to new organisations, new destinations, including new countries; many are proud parents of brilliant children and a few of us are grandparents!

Long live SBBJ, albeit only in our memories! Long live association of batch of 1985, whose summer of 42 started in 1985, on 22/7/85 to be precise!

14 thoughts on “35 years ago!

  1. Memories always makes one happy, present to strive more and future to prepare for unforeseen. Well written Arvind.


  2. “The next was selection as PO in SBBJ, the next most coveted civilian job after civil services.”
    Sir, when I was a child I remember that Bankers were one of the few people in our area back at my hometown to own a scooter.
    From a coveted civilian job to being a covid warrior, guess you have seen it all.


  3. Yes, we all did start around that time, a year or two ahead or behind. It’s important to remember and celebrate the beginnings, especially those that were path breaking. Mergers and creation of new entities keep happening but we still hold on to those special feelings- the beginnings. That’s the beauty of Life. Lovely reminiscence.


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