Salute to brave hearts

The scenes are soul stirring. As the dead bodies of the National heroes, martyred in border skirmish with Chinese soldiers, reach their respective hometowns wrapped in National tricolour, their widows, young children, old parents and others attending funeral bid final adieu to their beloved! Of course, these scenes enrage the entire country and there’s no doubt that their extreme sacrifice will not go waste and the enemy will have to pay for their act of backstabbing our brave hearts.

It’s most unfortunate that for all our strengths, this propensity to politicise everything is proving to be a weak link. Whether it’s article 370 or Corona virus or now showdown with China, we as a nation are not able to pose a united front. Where’s the room for politics in martyrdom of our 20 brave hearts?

I would not risk prophesying what’s going to happen in future? Are we going to tackle China diplomatically or militarily? Will there be a precise military action or a full fledged war? What will be the consequences? How will other hostile neighbours react?

Actually, there was a time when this world had only two super powers – US and USSR! With the break up of USSR into several independent states, it no longer enjoys the might of yore! It’s poor economy has also contributed to its waning power. In the meantime, China first became economic superpower, being the manufacturing hub of the world and is now the second superpower along with US! This has severely disturbed balance of power in this region, with the unholy axis comprising China, Pakistan and now even Nepal threatening to keep Indian forces on their toes!

But we have nothing to worry for ours is a land of saints and seers, have historically faced enemies and intruders of all hues and colours, have the misfortune of having the worst neighbours, but we have inherent strength and resilience that’s reflected in the determination and resolve of our forces. Only, we must be one in the face of adversity, because apart from sovereignty of India, nothing else matters!

Let’s not forget the sacrifice of these 20 martyrs and the best obeisance we can pay them is by taking forward this war against enemy by uniting!

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