First Corona and now PLA

All along the day, the news said that 3 Indian soldiers, including one commanding officer, Colonel Santhosh Babu, were killed. And mind you, the deaths happened without a single bullet being fired; it happened in a physical scuffle with Chinese soldiers. It was the most upsetting news because while the Indian and the Chinese armies were staring at each other for the last few days, all channels of peaceful resolution were simultaneously working. And then this happened.

And towards the end of the day, this figure of 3 that sustained the whole day mounted to 20 and the number could be rising. I think it’s one of the most dastardly acts of unprovoked aggression by PLA by unilaterally choosing to disrespect LAC.

When Trump calls Corona virus Chinese Corona, it upsets China no end! The fact remains that this global pandemic started from China and now its policy to browbeat could also lead to onset of the great global disorder, if it does not restrain its ambition to dominate this world!

Will this blow up into a full fledged war or good sense will prevail on the aggressor ? Only time will tell! Right now, let’s pray for our lion hearted martyrs who laid down their lives selflessly and others who are fighting the enemies on multiple fronts! There’s no doubt on their bravery, tactical smartness or their capability! Our nation is safe with our brave hearts fighting a treacherous aggressor in one of the most hostile terrains! But let’s not divert their energy and attention by calling upon them for civil duties when police is unable to control attacks on Corona warriors or other such acts of disobedience by public in these most testing times for the country.

I pray to all Indians to keep aside their political ideologies, faith or any other divisive issue and stand behind our Government and our Army! For an internally strong and stable India will effectively rebuff the evil design of all the enemies, even if they choose to test its strength together!

Bharat Mata ki Jai! Long live Indian Army!

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