Start your day with good thoughts

How one starts one’s day is important as there’s an old saying in English “ Well Begun is half done”! I have been told to wake up by expressing gratitude to the God almighty, seeing your palms, doing a namaskar in the direction of sunrise etc. However, all of it is not always possible when your waking up is synchronised not with your good habits but by the doorbell rung in the morning by doodh wala and paper wala. You just rush out of your bed to open the door so that the person at the door is not repeating his act thereby causing disturbance to other sleeping family members!

Once you are up, one of the realities of modern day life, mobile phone, beckons you more than anything else. While one would have checked his last WhatsApp message and last mail at 11.30 PM, there are nocturnal creatures working round the clock who flood your inboxes with hordes of messages and mails all this when you are asleep. As a result, this act takes a precedence over all other suggested holy and hygienic acts!

I claim no superiority to an average mobile phone wired professional who’s under the wrong impression that those acts of night by nocturnal creatures, if not attended to the first day in the morning, could lead to the end of this world and therefore, check my mobile as the opening chore of my day, much before when even the thought of almighty divine comes to my mind! But I am lucky to be doing it with a difference! I start this process not by seeing the “important” office mails or “heavens are going to fall” WhatsApp messages first! In fact, I first go to the WhatsApp account of a group created by my friend where each day a deep but simply stated thought by Mahatria is posted every morning. His messages are not difficult Sanskrit quotes and mantras from our scriptures, but their essence expressed in crisp and easy to understand language that straight goes to your heart! Most of his thoughts are around two main themes of life as propagated by him – “Life is beautiful” and “ Celebration is life” and you suddenly have this feeling of positivity filling up your entire body and consciousness even in these tough times of COVID. When many of us are depressed at this new norm of working from home instead of office, his simple thought as quoted below rejuvenates you –

Happiii Morning.

“Life is Beautiful”

“Celebration is Life”

Expect more from yourself.

Align yourself to the highest work ethics.

Back it up with relentless intelligent effort.


The above is very simple to understand and universal in its nature – align to work ethics and back it up with effort. Which religion or stream of thought will not propagate the need to work ethically and put on efforts. That’s the beauty of Mahatria and his messages.

Current COVID crisis has clearly outlined that perhaps more important than places of worship, god men, Palm readers , astrologers are nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, police and people like Mahatria, who give hope and show the path.

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