Multiple fronts

India is facing the heat on multiple fronts. While Corona is a worldwide pandemic and within the constraints, India is trying to do its best, its international boundaries are are facing challenges from aggressors all across. Our western neighbour that was very much part of us, and is since partition our bitter and sworn enemy, refuses to address internal problems of COVID, locusts and terrorism back home and continues to foster terrorism in Kashmir and tension on the border. Superpower China, know for flexing its muscle in the entire subcontinent, is trying to divert international attention from its misdeed of spreading Corona across the world, by trying to move inside the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and provoking Indian troops. The worst and the most unexpected is Nepal’s aggressive overtures by releasing a new map, claiming it’s right over certain territories under Indian control. Obviously, the leftist government in Nepal is acting under the directions of its Chines ally.

The above is not all. There has been a deadly gas leak in Vizag, number of earthquakes, devastating cyclones- first Umphan on the East and then Nisarga in the West coasts, incidents of fire, accidents (scores of migrant labourers returning home dying under most unfortunate circumstances), untimely rains and sleet destroying ready crops and the real threat of tiddy dal (locusts) attacking ready crops after its monstrous act in Pakistan.

When the nature and man decide to raise their ugly head together, how can a country cope up? Especially, when the economy is in the throes of deep deep recession, job losses at the highest ever and efforts to kick start economy severely hampered by Corona!

One option is to look skyward up to the Lord almighty and pray, an option we should never abandon anyway irrespective of the circumstances. One more option that’s in our hands and which we should exercise is to stand together, help each other and overcome all our mindsets of region and religion! A united India can overcome all the above and many more internal, external, natural and man made threats. The worst should bring out the best out of us! Worse can get worst – but there’s no limits of being the best! Even if we start by planting a small sapling on the occasion of the world environment day just gone by, we would be taking a step in that direction. Let’s donate – money, empathy, efforts, thoughts- and labourers will be back and so be communal harmony and the spirit of Indianness! And we shall see Corona, enemies and natural disasters going out of window!

2 thoughts on “Multiple fronts

  1. Financial sector distress is one more aspect which can’t be ignored. The failure of PMC Bank, IL&FS, Dewan Housing Finance and the latest one is Yes Bank, leaving a number of questions to be answered.


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