Thoughts on COVID from urdu writings

In the current COVID lockdown-

Schools are closed

Colleges are closed

Restaurants are closed

Roads are closed to traffic

Factories and mills are closed

Flights and trains have shut down

However, services by our ladies are continuing 24×7 –

Day starts with preparation for breakfast

Then preparation has to be done for lunch

In between itโ€™s time for doing the dishes and cleaning the house

At least alternate days require clothes to be laundered

Then itโ€™s time for dinner

Children are studying from home, but they need to be supervised

And of course, every homemaker also sees to it that the daily chore of thanking the god almighty is completed without fail!

Salutation to the ladies of the house – our mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, who are doing it all and more , albeit silently.

The above translation from an Urdu writing is a refreshing change from crass and cheap Tik tok videos doing rounds on social media showing the men of the house being tortured by women for household chores! While society has changed with men more agreeable to sharing household chores; women are having it tough without doubt and above eulogy is , I must admit quite graceful!

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