International Workers Day and COVID

Today is 1st of May also known as May Day, International Workers Day or simply Labour’s Day. In the current COVID scenario, this day assumes special significance for while many of white collar workers are ensconced in their luxurious homes enjoying this period of lockdown in a manner, many of these so called “essential workers” have become Corona warriors. Delivery boys, Police personnel, Nurses and medical workers, plumbers, electricians, sweepers, vegetable vendors, bankers, security guards, public transport drivers are all today’s heroes who are making our lives in this lockdown period comfortable and liveable!

We may be aristocratic, globe trotting, high flying experts, senior executives, stars, tycoons or others belonging to upper crust of the society. But this Corona crisis has proven to be a great leveller. Your wads of money are of no use if these warriors are not there risking their lives and serving us, providing us with essential services necessary for our survival.

This labour day let’s pay our heartfelt tributes to these Corona warriors !

Corona virus is proving to be a great leveller,

Tycoon, executive and global traveller

Are completely arrested in-house in this lockdown,

While everyday ordinary labour is the new warrior!!!

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