We can defeat corona

It’s been more than 25 days that I last went out and that too to office on the last day of the financial year that’s 31st March. It was crucial for me to be present in office on that day and I could manage. Then restrictions got tightened in my residential complex and the area in which my office was located also became a sort of hot spot and I started working from home.

Being a stickler for rule and routine, I still get up early, do my morning exercises, have an early breakfast and by 8 AM, I am on my couch starting my daily office work. In between, I take a brief tea break, a lunch break and a tea break in the evening. However, there’s a change. I feel more challenged, tired, overworked, busy and sometimes helpless in my effort to come to terms with work and work from home. Earlier, I would switch off after returning from office and get only a stray call post office hours in an extreme emergency. I used to look forward to weekends to unwind. Now, it’s 24×7- I am always responding to mails, attending to calls and grappling with work. The luxury of personal consultation with the most trusted lieutenants face to face is amiss. Now sometimes their phone is unreachable or sometimes the line is busy. By the time they revert, the emergency is over! If the system is stuck there’s no IT help at hand! In short, it’s several degrees more complex and difficult.

But I am not lamenting- on the contrary I am grateful for enough food on my plate and enough work in my tray in these difficult times of Corona virus. There are those destitute who neither have work nor food; some of them are not even on their homes! When shall maids, drivers, servants, couriers, delivery boys be able to travel and allowed entry into our homes? Or is this social distancing going to be long lasting?

It’s all very dark and uncertain. This has run through three holy periods of three major communities – Navratris, Lent and now Ramadan. Let’s channelise our power and prayers to kill Corona and once again liberate mankind from this dastardly enemy.

Corona knows no religion

Nor does it know any region

It’s an enemy of the mankind

Will only be defeated if we unite!!

Ramadan Kareem to all my readers!

9 thoughts on “We can defeat corona

  1. Now we should learn to live with this virus actually as it is not going to vanish fast….it will take time till any medication comes…the only we can do is to take precautions and boost up our immunity that’s it….kabhi na kabhi to bahar jana hi padega…


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