COVID lessons

Once upon a time, we had some great things to look forward to:

Going on a vacation, to a fancy destination

Great weekends, to be spent with friends

Eating gourmet food, that tasted so good

Movie at multiplex with a tub of popcorns, was so relaxing and so much fun

Shopping for designers label and accessory, was never enough and always necessary

Partying on weekends till wee hours, was a birthright of ours

Going out on long drives was a thrill, there were so many ways to have fun and chill

And then came a virus that locked us down and suddenly the things we considered routine appeared so distant and desirable:

Going to school and going to office

Going for a stroll and going for shopping

Travelling by bus and travelling by car

Going here and there, quite near and so far

Eating at restaurants and drinking at bars,

We lived the life king size and were like modern day czars.

There’s a lesson for us to be learnt in this Corona lockdown. Let’s cherish each and every moment of life for when a big disruption will hit us from somewhere we can’t imagine. And suddenly we would be in a lockdown bereft if everyday’s small little things.

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