New Diwali

The period just gone by was full of festivals. There were Navratris, Ram Navami, Hanuman Jayanti, Mahavir Jayanti, Gudi Padawa, Shab e barat, Easter, Baisakhi, Poila Baisakh, Bihu etc. Usually, festivals and traditions relating to them are my favourite blogging themes. However, for the past sometime, no creative or happy idea is coming to my mind other than this global pandemic called COVID 19. As the situation worsens, count of affected persons goes up, deaths mount and lockdown gets extended, the fear of this pandemic is only increasing.

The mind wonders how and when will it end or whether it will end at all and take the entire humanity with it? Will Indian summers prove to be virus’s Waterloo? Is the world close to finding its cure? Is vaccine in the offing that will provide us with the immunity against COVID?

Overcrowded Indian cities are struggling to enforce social distancing. Overworked police is being tested by rogues of all kinds. People belonging to medical fraternity are being mistreated. Certain areas are facing shortage of essential items.

Government and administration are trying their best. Rabi crops are ready for harvesting. Factories producing certain essential items need to be started. Stranded daily earners are required to be fed so that they don’t starve. All these challenges are being met.

This is the hour for the country to unite and strengthen the hands of the government and local administration in defeating this pandemic.

If good times didn’t last,

Soon this will also be past;

When 137 crore Indians pool their strength,

Corona has no option but to run away fast!!!

We all await this Diwali that we will celebrate upon the return of our warriors after slaying this Corona demon.

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