New year’s musings

2020 is special; its not only a new year but start of a new decade also. In fact my previous blog welcoming 2020 is all about positivity and optimism. However, its risky to be living in a fool’s paradise and closing our eyes to the harsh realities on the ground. This feeling has provoked me to compose a few lines that capture the grim reality of today but as is typical of me, ends on a positive note.

New Year’s Musings

What’s all this hullabaloo about

Years come and years go

What are all of us celebrating

When the only change is a big No

Girls will continue to be molested and raped

Even infants and children will not be spared

Polarisation on caste, religion and ideology will go on unabated

How it can it be stopped when it’s been deliberately created

There’s negativity all around on Demon., GST, CAA et al

How can it be banished when misuse of social media is rampant

And while Bible preaches that love thy neighbour

But our neighbours are always challenging our valour

Does it mean it’s all very gloomy and all very murky

Not if we decide to get rid of the above evil faced turkey

If we are aware, awake and put up a united face

All the adversities can be converted into a magic mace!

Happy new year to all on the hope that none of us falls prey to the evil web being woven around especially through myth and fiction on social media. Let’s keep our ears and eyes open for real facts and think from our minds rather than hearts!

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