Welcome 2020

Memories of new year eves mainly revolve around the special programme that Doordarshan used to telecast and when the clock hit 12’o clock, wishing family members happy new year over some sweet meats. Not that, I have not celebrated arrival of new year partying with friends and family at a club or restaurant, but I think memories of distant past of childhood are more strongly imprinted on one’s psyche.

For a change, I have welcomed 2020 only at 6 AM after waking up. Probably it was partying and celebrations of past few days during my daughter and her children’s 3 weeks stay here with us that took toll on my stamina that led to such a cold reception of the new year. But that does not for a moment indicate that I am not excited at the prospects of having a great 2020, which also heralds the start of a new decade. An eternal optimist, I have lots of wishes and yearning for the good of me, my friends and family, organisation, our country and the world at large.

(1) India, the land of peace and love, should get over these acronymic syndromes such as CAA, NPR etc and be the multi ethnic, multi religious, peaceful and tolerant society – the land of Krishna, Mahavira, Budha, Nanak and Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti- that it always has been since the time immemorial.

(2) Kashmir, the heaven on the earth, should become heavenly once again and those snow laden mountains be pristine white, trees of chir and deodar prosperous green and waters of Dal lake blue and serenely calm instead of the current regime of fear, hatred, helplessness currently prevalent there at.

(3) Let this be the end of the woes of our farmers and our prudent water management never leads to another draught , forcing our farmers to commit suicide. Let our rivers and water sources be filled up to brim to quench the thirst of parched throats and lands.

(4) Can hatred and criminal mindset be eradicated from human psyche so that we don’t witness indiscriminate shooting on the praying mobs in temples, churches and mosques and on children and patrons in schools and restaurants, rapes of girls and minors and jihad of any kind? Can this world be a happier, safer and more beautiful place the way in which God almighty has endowed it to us?

(5) Can my family members and friends and why only them and not everyone else be healthier and happier, overcoming their worries and troubles and fulfilling all their wishes and aspirations?

(6) Can my organisation,in which I recently completed 25 years, become the best – in its line of business, for its customers, as the best employer and in its philanthropic pursuits – and become a niche organisation?

As a popular saying goes, ” if wishes were horses, beggars would ride them”! We can wish for the moon and sky but we will have to work towards all the above aspirations rather then expecting their fulfilment to be served to us on a platter! So karma is a pre requisite for all this goodness to come into our laps.

Another change from the past is that I am not making any new year’s resolutions because there’s no point in resolving something and be disheartened at the end of the year for having not kept the resolution. Instead, this year our resolve should be to be happy and to spread happiness as ultimately the objective of all the goals and enrichment is Supreme bliss!

I wish all my readers Supreme bliss that should not last only one year but the entire decade as it’s being made at the start of this new decade and in fact, the entire lifetime! For my country, I wish that in this year 2020 let the nation score quick runs as is done in a T20 match for we have to do catching up with the rest of the world and batting like a 5 days’ test may not help!

To end, let me say a few lines:

Is 2020 merely a number

Or is it the start of a new year and decade?

When we leave behind our worries and woes

And become a real happy brigade!!!

13 thoughts on “Welcome 2020

  1. Compliments Sir. You blogs and even official writing contains a personal touch with emotional feeling. Always good to readπŸ™πŸ’•πŸ˜Š


  2. Sir, joining you in resolving to be happy and spreading the happiness…. Nice thoughts and a great beginning to the Aryablogs of this decade! ..A fan.


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