Is it this or that?

Maharashtra and Haryana election results are out and I must admit that it’s a less bright Diwali for BJP, the party that started celebrating victory probably a bit too early. However, there’s not much for the main opposition party Congress to celebrate either, with Haryana reposing just about marginal interest in the grand old party and Maharashtra preferring junior partner NCP. What do we make out of these results?

As I have always maintained, I have great faith in prudence and wisdom of Indian voters and this they have demonstrated repeatedly and it’s high time our politicians stop underestimating them! They have voted differently in different forms of elections in the past and this is clearly discernible this time too! Pakistan, Kashmir, Balakot, Kartarpur may be important national issues, but when it comes to state elections, local issues take precedence.

Having said the above, while I have not a great opinion of the Khattar Government- be its handling of burning issues or administrative efficiency in general and on top of it, his propensity to open his mouth unceremoniously- I am surprised at electorate’s disenchantment with Fadnavis government. He worked solidly for 5 years, provided a clean and efficient administration, hardly suffered from foot in mouth disease and treated the senior leaders from other parties respectfully. How could voters be holding any resentment or grudge against him is hard to fathom?

My only worry is that if I am missing a point in all the above it’s fine, but I pray to God that it’s not an indication of reversion to the past politics of religion, caste and ethnicity- Hindu, Muslim, Brahmin, Jat, Maratha, Marathi, Bihari etc. 70 years into freedom, we seemed to have overcome this malaise of myopic politics- let it not raise its ugly head again. Let’s resolve this Diwali to have only one consideration while voting – meritocracy instead of this and that!

One thought on “Is it this or that?

  1. Dear Sir , It is correct to mention that Khattar Govt was weak in administering and taking decisions (mere few) as it is Jaat dominated region now since long and could not win over confidence having spent long time. Fadnavis indicating honest and having objectives to complete one by one, should remain choice for second term. You are right in checking electorate, is it this or that.


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