Devendra Fadnavis- Will Maharashtra beckon him again?

I am no political commentator. I don’t have any political affiliations either. I don’t think any political party or politician is indispensable. A few come and leave deep imprint on the nation’s destiny. A few come and go barely remembered thereafter.

However, today’s elections in Maharashtra are important, because for the first time there has been a Chief Minister, who not only kept controversies at bay, managed a very difficult alliance partner and effectively neutralised big time stalwarts but actually did so much work for all to see. For years, I have been witnessing the decline of this great city, Mumbai, but for the first time, there’s been so much effort to improve its dying infrastructure. Metro network, operationalisation of Monorail, coastal road project, infusion of new life into BEST and solid governance to implement all these heavy projects are something unseen hitherto. And this is not limited to Mumbai. Other major cities such as Pune, Nagpur, Nasik etc are witnessing similar upgradation of infrastructure. Law & order has largely remained good and there has been hardly any scandal. Above all, CM and his family have generally lived a very simple lowkey life without any airs or tall claims.

While the voters are the best judge and I repose full faith and trust in prudence and judgment of Indian electorate, I can only wish all the best to Devendra Fadnavis for I have seldom come across such a simpleton, workaholic, family man, clean and efficient politician like him. Elections will come and go springing shocks and surprises, but people like Devendra rise above all this to make significant contribution to the society forever remaining etched in the memories of the people.

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