War cry

Imran Khan sounded a war cry while addressing UN General Assembly. He said Pakistan might not be able to face its neighbour 6 times its size in a conventional war, but when driven against the wall, it could be forced to use nukes, which would be disastrous for the world.

In an earlier blog, ” What have we done to Pakistan?”, I had raised this issue. By abrogating Articles 370 and 35 (b) , nothing changed on the ground for Pakistan. It’s not as if this made the plan to secede from India any more difficult for separatists or the task of liberating Kashmir from India any more difficult for Pakistan because the aforesaid two were impossible even before. India all along maintained Kashmir to be its integral part and the abrogation of the aforesaid articles was a mere reinforcement of India’s stated position!

It seems Kashmir is an important issue for a country ravaged by failed economy, unprecedented corruption in upper echelons, weak democracy, unstable internal situation, terrorism ( it’s both – perpetrator as also sufferer) and an over the top military that just cannot wean itself away from interfering in the internal politics and policies of the country. By exploiting passions and emotions on Kashmir, Pakistani policy makers have something to keep their citizens occupied and divert their minds from serious problems affecting that country.

Nukes were easy to develop for them thanks to their subservience to certain superpower(s). However, they are finding it very difficult to resist their use, which justifies the world’s apprehension of their misuse in the hands of weak government and dominant military. Use of Nukes will give Pakistan Kashmir is a childish thought – but devastation it will cause to that country itself and the world in general will be no child’s matter.

I pray to the almighty to bestow a semblance of sanity on the policy makers and military generals of Pakistan whose fingers seem to be itching to press nukes button. As a Sanskrit shlokas goes ‘विनाश काले विपरीत बुद्धि’ meaning when the destruction knocks at the door, sanity is lost. I also hope the world takes notice of Pakistan’s aggressive overtures because their control on their nukes and action may be very fragile and this poses a real threat to the entire humanity.

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