Ugh! It’s disgusting

As my blog gains in popularity, the number of followers following my blog is steadily going up. The followers include people, organisations and entities of various nature and entities.

Today I found a “like” on one of my earlier blogs from an entity called ” Artificial Hymen Pills”. This was something unheard of by me and it naturally made me curious to explore the nature of this newest follower of my blogs. It reveals that this entity markets pills in Pakistan that artificially restore hymen, thereby empowering a girl to feign virginity. Feign because it’s no permanent cure. The website advices a woman to insert two capsules inside vagina 30 minutes prior to probable intercourse. The capsules get inflated and burst due to friction releasing a blood like artificial liquid. The company challenges that even the smartest of the men cannot discover that “his triumph” is not heroic but feigned heroism!

I felt aghast at the masculine mentality that’s still prevalent in male dominated bastions such as Pakistan, where primitive concepts such as virginity of a girl are still given so much importance. As the society opens up and not only the physical geographies shrink but thoughts at large also converge, such archaic thought process is nauseating. No doubt the company marketing the product (purportedly based on Japanese technology though I doubt whether highly advanced Japanese diaspora would require such an archetype quaint mentality ridden product) has noble intentions of coming to the rescue of innocent girls and women of that country through harmless, non-surgical, non- intrusive intervention, but the need for such products is certainly excruciating and disgusting to say the least. Whereas the Western world has evolved to a new level of openness where live-in arrangement, having babies without marital conjugation, multiple partners and use of aphrodisiacs and sex toys (including robots), a third world country refusing to come out of a feudal mindset is a terribly sad reality. A country that has produced a Nobel laureate like Malala, surely needs to change its view point on archaic thought such as virginity. I am ready to endorse the product of this company, if they market it as a fun product or a sex toy to inculcate some interest into drab and monotonous sex lives of couples. But as a dupe for virginity- the word is “Ugh”!

My blogs are all about progressive thoughts and positivity and I welcome more and more followers to take my blogging to new dimensions. But regressive thoughts, products and mentality are strict no-no!

My readers are mostly friends and family, including my sister; but I couldn’t help but pen this blog in spite of it’s obviously sexual thematic undertones.

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