Chalk and cheese

Fine nuances are not unique to any language though world’s favourite language, English, is replete with such instances. Of course, there are so many words and their different usages that it may require one to do years of research to dig deeper. However, to put across the point on the subtleties of English language and it’s very fine nuances, I composed some sentences using similar sounding but differently spelled words.

(1) He gave his assent in a language laden with heavy accent that made me ascent to a different level.

(2) I couldn’t accede to his request to allow him to exceed his limits.

(3) It was great of the chef to grate extra cheese on the pizza to make it tastier.

(4) Descent of a decent person from the pedestal happened due to his dissent with the process.

(5) Don’t expect her to accept your gift blindly except for roses for she loves roses.

(6) It began to affect my health though after effect of medication was even more severe.

As aforesaid, to showcase all such possibilities existing in English language one may have to do extensive research. Thus dilemma is brought out beautifully in the following limerick that says:

Why the two words sound so similar?

That I get flummoxed though they sound familiar;

Why can’t they be different as chalk and cheese?

It will then be so easy to dig one’s teeth!

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