Election results are immaterial- Governance is important

We are on the eve of the D day. Tomorrow election results will be out and we shall all know who will helm the nation for the next 5 years- Modi 2.0, Rahul or someone not belonging to either BJP or Congress. Mini verdicts in the form of scores of exit polls are already out, most of these giving a clear majority to BJP led NDA. Stock markets have already reacted to these forecasts by breaking 10 year’s record for a single day rise in Sensex. Media is all agog about the likely priorities of the new Government. In as much as even Pakistani media is discussing the fall out of Modi in his second term on their country.

But we seem to be getting it all wrong. Maharashtra and some other states are facing devastating drought and with the forecast of inadequate rains during the current monsoon season, nation is going to see a helluva problem . Kashmir seems to be going out of hands and Maoist are on rampage. Unemployment is reaching new heights. Twin impacts of GST and Demonetisation seem to have killed small businesses beyond retrieval. Hindu Muslim polarisation seems to be reaching an inflection point. Already certain incriminating evidence on EVMs has already raised ugly noise, which is likely to get louder should the results be unexpected, The campaign undertaken by political parties was malicious, vicious, obnoxious and atrocious.

It’s not to say that Modi Government is responsible and that there are better alternatives. But whosoever forms the Government must set the priorities right, This nation doesn’t require rulers; it requires selfless servers who have the courage and vision to take the country out of quagmire.

May be by the time thus blog is read by you, trend about who is form new government will already be clear. But relevance of the thought captured in this blog is not incidental to any outcome but is timeless.

4 thoughts on “Election results are immaterial- Governance is important

  1. I fully agree .. governance is utmost important. I have already commented.. do we deserve democracy? Are we mature enough to handle it? We need leaders who govern not rule.


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