No saffron no lotus – It’s Modi all the way

The entire nation seems to be getting saffronised or should we say lotusised? I am sure if this wave, that started in 2014 and is only seem to have got stronger in 2019 , continues for some more time, Oxford may be compelled to add two new words into its lexicon- saffronisation (already accepted in slang) and lotusisation! However, for once it may neither be about saffron nor lotus! Though a staunch supporter of organisational strength , always believing that an organisation is much bigger than an individual, Modi seems to be belying this age old adage. BJP and NDA may be basking in glory of having decimated UPA, not only in the face of grand opposition unity but also strong anti incumbency mainly arising out of Demonetisation and GST, the fact remains that the verdict is for the man of the moment – Narendra Modi. He spanned the country across all 4 directions, addressed numerous rallies, connected with the people through all possible channels and dwarfed the unified opposition campaign through his sheer tall stature. People of this country have reaffirmed their faith in Modi (not necessarily in BJP and its allies together constituting NDA) for his honesty, sincerity, hard work and intent. If the vote is for Modi, the entire onus to deliver the goods would also be on him. Hope he now has adequate first hand experience that big disruptions in a big country like India can create big issues. Government should act in a manner that causes maximum damage to mischief makers with minimum of inconvenience to law abiding citizens. Government should also care for sensitivities of this large nation that houses different religions, castes, creeds and communities that whose freedom is guaranteed by the constitution of this country. Any attempt to rewrite the history of India may not bear desired outcomes but collective and unified efforts to rewrite the destiny of this country by uprooting corruption, intolerance, lawlessness, dishonesty and favouritism will ensure that Modi’s name is recorded in golden letters in the annals of the history of this great nation!

Congratulations to Modi led NDA! Hopefully Modi 2.0 will be less disruptive and more progressive, less acidic and more prolific, less noisy and more productive, less divisive and more harmonic and above all less exclusive and more inclusive! Message for opposition – elections have ended and electorate of this country will vote on the issues and not on rabble rousing. They should play a constructive role in nation building rather than asking for proof of everything, including surgical strikes!

Long live India! Long live Indian democracy!

6 thoughts on “No saffron no lotus – It’s Modi all the way

  1. Beautifully penned down about indomitable Modi….He badly deserved second term…. Keep pouring your thoughts…we admire it


  2. गजब के विचार हैं, आईये आशा करें और प्रभू से प्रार्थना करें की 2019 से 2024 तक सब देश‌के उत्थान के लिए काम करें और जिस विश्वास से देशवासियों ने भाजपा को देश सेवा का दुबारा मौका दिया है द्वेश भाव मिटा कर अचछी नियती से उसे पूरा करें ।


  3. Rightly captured the essence of victory…it is man of the moment Modi only. Fine execution of decimating opposition with high decibel of rashtravad and Pakistan.
    With grand victory it’s time to go beyond past agenda and put the people first.


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