Yes I have voted!

It’s such a feeling, of being involved in the process of electing the right candidate, who for the next 5 years shall represent us and our aspirations. Respecting the secrecy of vote, I am not rooting for any particular party, candidate or political philosophy. Indian electorate is matured enough to use their franchise to the best of their ability. This has been repeatedly observed and so called illiterate, poor and backward masses have voted differently for state and national polls, proving that they have enough maturity and intelligence to clearly discern local and national issues.

While discussion on merits and demerits of GST, Demonetisation, Rafale etc. is most welcome and in fact required, noise on Pulwama, Balakot, polarisation, beef etc is most deplorable and I fervently hope that Indian electorate would rise above partisan politics to vote for development and growth agenda that binds the nation rather than dividing it!

Mumbai voting date did not seem to be well planned as by taking one day intervening holiday on Tuesday, one could get 5 days on a trot, sufficient for a quick getaway to Goa. But going by the enthusiasm of Mumbaikars, I think the fear seemed misplaced as people indeed prioritised the need to use franchise over trips and outings.

A word of commendation for Police, Election Commission and Local Administration is a must. From the agility and courtesy demonstrated in enrolling us for elections to the ease of casting franchise, all has been planned well like a well oiled machinery. This made a national obligation a rather pleasing experience to execute.

Go Mumbaikars and Indians and vote! Democracy is our strength and right to franchise an important privilege bestowed upon us by the constitution of India. The right use of franchise will go a long way in our voice being heard in the policy deciding the future of our great nation!

The great patriotic song by the great poet Muhammad Iqbal “Saare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan hamara” will remain only a song unless we go and demonstrate patriotism by voting ! Then only we can say that “hum bulbule hain iski, yeh gulsitan hamara!

Jai Hind!

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