Expectations belied

If life is there, there ought to be expectations for without expectations life would seem full of drudgery and aimless. However, to aim for something, work towards achieving it and actually reaching there is different from having expectations and not being able to fulfil them. Generally, one sets aim for himself or herself and tries to reach there with one’s own effort and strategy. Expectations are dependent on others as somebody else is expected to fulfil them.

In any organisation, the end of the year is the time for reward and recognition. While everyone tries to make an effort to the best of one’s capability, the distribution of reward and recognition is seldom uniform and therefore, while it exceeds expectations in certain cases, expectations are belied in certain others. This is because fulfilment of our expectations is generally not a function of our effort and ability but on how the same are perceived by others and is therefore, dependent on others. However, excellence, hard work and self satisfaction are something within our own control, helping us achieving our ultimate aim, objective or goal, whatever you may call it! This brings us to the second difference between aim and expectations- aim is long term and is the end result; expectations are short term and event based!

It all comes back to the same universal teaching of Bhagvad Gita, which my regular readers by now remember by heart. I would not have liked to repeat the same shloka for the risk of sounding preachy, but that’s the sure short panacea for one to overcome the disappointment of unfulfilled expectations and therefore, I can’t help but to mention it.

Karmanye vadhika raste, Ma phaleshu kadachana

Ma karma phala he tur bhuh, ma te sangotsva karmanye.

Let’s take all this in our stride and move ahead! There’s is much more to life than expectations belied, for the ultimate end is the only truth and rest all is mirage! We must enjoy the journey as the end is assured; small blips here and there are aberrations!

6 thoughts on “Expectations belied

  1. Dear Sir, People think negative when results at end of year are adverse, they make mind that next year will also be same or shall be perished despite hard efforts , so why to put in more efforts. Some people put in even more next year but have spontaneous fear that we shall still not be recognised, this mindset is a deterrent to high performance of that person. That person also compare with others and become pensive after hearing news that one collegaue who did not put in efforts compared to him is rewarded and is at better position. Some even leave the organisation after calculating that nothing good is going to be in future because trust is broken. I also believe in Bhagwad Gita and therefore agree with Your Goodself that hard put efforts will not go waste. Time cures it.


  2. Rightly pointed out that perception and the mind share of people who matter or decide your professional destiny weigh much higher than all your efforts put together and sometimes become your karma.
    Pain of such process must remain and should be endured by self only without looking outwards to make us wise and take right recourse or carry path corrections.
    Beliefs fath and expectations are meant to be shattered to make us to learn that professional karma doesn’t follow the same chakra for all.


  3. just a thought comes to ny mind – Sir, the blog comes form your side at the right time , we respect you not only as a brilliant blogger , but also as a boss with true leadership qualities and a good friend. Generally the preaching from Geeta comes to the fore of discussion during the course of this time of the FY, Bigger question is how one takes a message from such scenario and intelligent enough to assess the situation going forward . While a performer keeps the good work going , Not because he has to prove himself , but because of the trait of his personality , he will continue doing so , whatever the situation is.


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