Pulwama- 2

The dastardly attack on the peaceful convoy of security forces has generated mass hysteria and although I have been blogging on current themes of topical interest, no other blog of mine has evoked such strong emotions laden reaction the way my blog on Pulwama attack has!

While Pakistani interest in keeping the Kashmir burning is now a very well established and known fact, which they do under the garb of alleged human right violations by Indian security forces against so called “freedom fighters” , what is not understood is its foolhardiness in actually believing that by waging either a direct or a proxy war, it can cause secession of Kashmir from India! Well, there’s history and history cannot be rewritten. The fact is that Pakistan was carved out of undivided India and Kashmir issue unfortunately was not summarily resolved at that time that led to intrusion of Kabailis followed by a war, annexation of Azad Kashmir to Pakistan and grant of special status by India to Kashmir. However, India left no stone unturned in soothing the nerves of Kashmiri people. The Government spent billions in building infrastructure ( tunnels, bridges, railway tracks), promoting tourism ( main source of income for majority of Kashmiris) , extending farm and agricultural support and in general, ensuring that by remaining as integral part of India, Kashmir enjoyed a special status ( no Indian citizen can buy land or property there). Kashmir had regular elections and choice of local government was decided by the local people themselves. Sheikh Abdullah, the local hero, had a long reign and so had his son Farouk and his grandson Omar. However, certain elements, who were initially rejected by the electorate in mainstream politics, formed Hurriyat, got open support from Pakistan and started fomenting separatism. Expectedly, very soon Hurriyat lost the control over movement that got taken over by Pakistan based militant groups such as Laskar-e- Taiba (LET), Jamat-Ud-Dawa (JUD). Harkat-Ul-Ansar ( (HUA) etc and the round of violence started that till date has claimed lives of thousands of militants, security personnel and civilians. The situation is so bad that terror camps set up on Pakistani territory are training not only Kashmiri youth but have become hotbed of international mercenaries! By igniting fire in Kashmir, Pakistan has become a headache for the entire world and but for Chinese support, it has all along faced the risk of being tagged a rogue nation!

What the modern warfare (nuclear power and chemical weapons) has done is to lead to balance of military might amongst the nations. Even a superpower like US, after a few bitter lessons in Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan has realised that pure war cannot win clear outcomes ! But look at Pakistan and its protagonists, mainly its Army! They do not seem to have learnt any lesson from the previous wars of 1965 and 1971 and Kargil misadventure, continue to nurse a grouse against India for creation of Bangladesh and are busy in building their military might by diverting precious resources from developmental activities! India chooses to ignore Pakistani nuisance on border and otherwise ( at UN, other international fora etc) because war will be heavily destructive, expensive and inconclusive ; but Pakistan actually believes that it can win a conclusive war against India and secede Kashmir and to this aim, it has caused terrorism in the entire world, besides causing problem for India and in the neighbourhood! Will ordinary Pakistani ever raise his/her voice against these self-serving ruling elite exhorting them to do something creative for them instead of planning India’s destruction and world’s problems?

7 thoughts on “Pulwama- 2

  1. US started supporting India only when their house was burned. It seems no politician can survive in Pakistan until they support Kashmir . Is there a democracy or a puppet government in Pakistan. Hats off to patience of security forces who inspire of carrying weapons keep their heads low even when stones are pelleted on them !


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