Pulwama Attack – What’s the objective?

Let’s first think of yesterday’s Pulwama attack on CRPF convoy from a different perspective. While the investigation will find out the identity of perpetrators and firmly establish the role of our now “World Famous Neighbour” as the biggest exporter of terrorism ( unfortunately that country neither manufactures nor exports anything else), let’s try and analyse the possible objectives of this dastardly attack. It could be either, all or a few combined of these:

(1) To attract the attention of World towards the Kashmir issue, Kashmir should never be allowed to be quiet. If you follow Pakistani press and other media, the world is seized of no issue other than Kashmir, which that country prefers to call as freedom struggle and the killers of our brave soldiers as fidayeen ( upon being dead becoming martyrs).

(2) To divert the attention of the World and Pakistani citizens from the internal problems of that country, including its economic bankruptcy, some adversity in India is important for their survival.

(3) Such events in Kashmir keep tourist away from there, which creates serious livelihood issues for millions of locals whose mainstay are the tourists. This increases the frustration of moderate or neutral locals, giving encouragement to youth to be driven towards the path of extremism.

(4) This is the election year in India and another 5 years of stability in India worries India’s enemies.

(5) India’s unprecedented strides in the field of economic growth and its dominant position in the World worries its adversaries a lot.

Whatever be the objective or multiple of it, the message is only one! India needs to remain united at this juncture and not to fall into the trap of Hindu – Muslim, Kashmiri- Non- Kashmiri, Congress- BJP etc. Our forces are strong enough to seek reprisal of any evil doing against us. If we trust our military might, we must unitedly stand behind them as internal strife will only weaken us!

Jai Hind.

3 thoughts on “Pulwama Attack – What’s the objective?

  1. Completely agree with all the points mentioned, Sir.

    In fact, The Kashmir Valley is being radicalized at a furious pace. There are more than five hundred madrasas in Anantnag alone, unmonitored and free to decide what they will teach to the impressionable young. Thousands of such madrasas dot the landscape across Kashmir. In many such schools of religious learning, the teachers are no longer Kashmiris. They are from Deoband and they owe fealty to Jamaat-i-Islami. In these madrasas, the glory of Jihad is taught to children as young as five years old.
    Fake Twitter handles and Facebook pages are created by the thousands, backed by Pakistan’s ISI. Blogs, Vlogs, music, videos, and literature…it is an entire industry set up to poison the Kashmiri mind, and it is high-volume, high-quality, professional content. ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations), the PR wing of the Pakistani Armed Forces is the mother of this e-Jihad.

    Pakistan is slowly ensuring that it no longer need export terror to India. Pakistan radicalizes the young of Kashmir in the name of jihad. These young men join the ranks of terror organizations. Just so that they don’t have second thoughts, their pictures are taken with weapons and circulated on social media. Once security forces get these pictures, these men are marked. Once they die in an encounter with security forces, huge funerals are organized. These funerals are actually recruitment rallies. Terror has been outsourced.

    The need of the hour is to go on a massive media and social media offensive. It is important to flood Kashmir with a counter narrative. We simply have to find a way to communicate with Kashmiris through TV, print, radio, web and social media. There is no other road.


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