#Me Too Counter Affected

This is a contrarian view- this is not to say that I don’t support the cause of ladies affected by #Me Too movement as we know them – the likes of Vinita Nanda (Alok Nath) , Tanushree Dutta (Nana Patekar), 12 women journalists (M J Akbar), Diandra Soares (Suhel Seth) – they all are sufferers at the hands of powerful lusty men and are proponents of #Me Too movement. Here, I am talking of those, who actually became counter affected ( I originally used the word “victims”of this movement- agreed, victim is a sympathetic word and there should be absolutely no sympathy for these perpetrators of sexual assault or harassment on hapless women; but many of these could ultimately prove to be unproven allegations, highly time barred in some cases!) by being named as offenders.

One worries about someone for whom he or she cares or rates highly. To each his own- if Aloknath, MJ Akbar and Suhel feel that their conscious is clear and that people who matter in their respective lives have accepted their explanation, the concerned ladies may go no further in the matter! However, I feel strongly for one of the finest film makers of this country Raj Kumar Hirani, who has also been accused by one of his assistants of sexual overtures/assault during the making of one of his movies. Going by the fare dished out by Bollywood of late, including by the superstar Khans, one hardly waits for any particular release ( Shahrukh’s last movie Zero was a big zero and Aamir’s Thugs of Hindoostan was even a bigger disaster) . However, one filmmaker who has wowed his audience movie after movie is Hirani. His journey began with super entertaining but with great message, a landmark movie of sorts, Munnabhai MBBS. He followed it up with Lage Raho Munnabhai and then an all time hit 3 Idiots. But with each new movie, the man springs a surprise, PK and Sanju being the evidence.

Like all # Me Too names, Raj Kumar Hirani has been shunned by his long time associates and friends- Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Abhijat Joshi- his name was reportedly dropped from the latest movie from their production house “Ik Ladki Ko Dekha” . I think nobody knows a person better than friends and family and shunning by Chopra and Joshi certainly doesn’t augur well for Hirani. Will the fine movie maker able to prove his finesse as person also and bounce back to entertain his audience like very few manage? After all. Munnabhai Chala America may or may never see the light of the date, but the concept itself is so entertaining that one cannot help but wait for such a movie ! And who knows how many more such out of box ideas could be fructifying in the man’s head, provided #Me Too does not take its toll on him!

3 thoughts on “#Me Too Counter Affected

  1. Well! In India every law or movement has a side effect . Like laws for domestic violence. How many innocent families were harassed. Similarly for this movement too this may happen. I say “raise voice at that moment”.


  2. Very difficult to say from outsider point of view as these celebrities have displayed very strong characters on screen and off screen through some interviews and articles. On the other side, Mr Madhur Bhandarkar tried to give some hint through his movie Page 3 which suggests that such things do exist may be in the name of casting couch or in some other form. It’s best known to only those two who are involved in such controversy.


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