26/11- Never Again

26/11 terrorist attack was so grievous that I felt like penning this poem.

When they were firing indiscriminately at VT,

Could they discriminate between Hindus and Muslim;

One who was dying was his mother’s child,

Irrespective of whether he was wearing cotton or muslin.

Did they come to kill only Hindus?

Or did they target all the Indians?

If we could be united in death

Why can’t we live as Indians?

When terrorists had let loose fire on us,

They were not aiming at any religion;

They were rabid, irrational misguided youth,

Their religion was only perversion.

9/11, 26/11 are not mere dates,

Nor are they symbol of any religion;

Terrorists are brainwashed to extremism,

Killing is their only passion.

If we face them together,

Our wives, sisters and mothers won’t have to cry;

We will be a formidable force

Ready to push them back on the sly!

At home we may be Hindus and Muslims,

For outsiders we are Indians;

26/11 will never repeat itself,

As indeed we are undoubtedly Indians!!!

3 thoughts on “26/11- Never Again

      1. Keep writing Arvind. I know I too feel motivated to write when a friend gives me a nudge or even a little appreciation. A blog helps you to express yourself… to get it off your chest, without really caring about who is going to like it and who will not.


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