26/11 – Black Day

26/11 is one of the saddest days not only for Mumbai, but the entire country. It was on this day in 2008 that 10 fully armed and militarily trained LET terrorists attacked India’s commercial hub, exposing the country’s vulnerability to the World. Coming through the sea route, these terrorists landed at Fishermen’s colony in Cuffe Parade and started their game of death. It started from Colaba’s popular joint Leopold Cafe and the names of Cama Hospital , Oberoi Hotel, Chabad House, CST and Taj Mahal Palace are permanently etched in the memories of Mumbaikars and Indians. So are the names of the brave officers of Mumbai Police, who took on these professionally trained terrorists, guided by military strategists of ISI, with quaint arms and zero protection. Brave and brilliant officers like Vijay Salaskar, Ashok Kamte, Hemant Karkare, Tukaram Ombale fought bravely but proved to be sitting ducks in front of these mercenaries. The way black cat commandos of Indian Armed forces flushed these terrorists, holed up inside iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, out by neutralising all of them except one, Kasab, who was caught alive on Marine Drive and executed subsequently after spilling all the beans on the conspiracy, is the stuff folklores are made of. Sandeep Unnikrishnan, a young Army officer, laid down his life, but his brave father refused to grieve on the martyrdom of his son.

What’s the learning from this all out attack on Mumbai? Is Mumbai of today safer than Mumbai of 2008? Are it’s roads, public transport, schools, public places safer than they were when attacked? I don’t think so. I read that metal detectors, installed at suburban railway stations post train blasts do not work. Passengers are busy fighting for place to sit or stand rather than watching the racks or underneath seats for suspicious bags or packets. Road Nakabandis appear most lackadaisical and their effectiveness is highly suspect. We seem busy on Mandir, Rafale, Mallya, elections issues rather than worrying about the safety of our city and country. On the eve of the anniversary of this darkest, blackest day in the history of our city and country, let’s not waste the sacrifice and martyrdom of the country’s brave sons by allowing such dastardly acts to be repeated. Let’s plug our vulnerabilities by being united and adopting systems such as group, community or neighbourhood watching for the safety and well being of all of us and our beloved country and Mumbai.

8 thoughts on “26/11 – Black Day

  1. I feel we as a country have failed to avenge this insult on our dignity and sovereignty. Had it been Israel instead of India at the receiving end of this brutality reprisal would have been swift, deterant and exemplary. This is a lesson our people choose to ignore on a daily basis, alas!


  2. Well written but the so called sewaks are busy in elections, statues, Mandir masjid, Hindu Muslim and abusing each other. Rahul Mahajan ? Priyanka and Deepka are national news. But we the Bharatwasis are tolrent and believe in होई सोई जो राम रची राखा। As usual let us all pray to God, do nothing, to take care of all of us.


  3. Your blog ignites memories of the worst tragedy of Post independent India. As you say, when we look around, after ten years, our apathy and has not changed much. All the parties and Sanghatans who demand so many things from the government do not feel the need to demand a better, functioning security. Sad.


  4. In my opinion, these armed creatures are COWARDS of the highest order, when they kill unarmed, unsuspecting innocents and treat it as an act of bravery. Wonder how are the ones that bunked living with their kith and kin!
    The dastardly act of 26/11 has seen the real spirit of all Indians. The way in which Mumbaikers didn’t allow themselves to be cowed down by a bunch of hooligans, when the city resumed work with full normalcy within a day is remarkable.
    It’s neigh impossible for any security team to detect and prevent clandestine acts of terrorism in any place. Doubts and suspicions cannot be a way of life for the humans that form our security force. It’s for us, individuals to be alert and cautious, and the responsibility is more so due to the irresponsible politicians of present times.


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