Friendship Day

In our childhood, we knew of very few days – Republic Day, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day Children’s Day and of course ever popular the 1st of April the Fool’s Day. Then during studies we learnt that May 1 was Internationally celebrated as Labour Day. Fast forward to 90s, when people of my generation were grown up, married and parents of 1 or 2 kids, a new fad called Valentine’s Day started catching up. We regretted and lamented at our days of prime youth when this was unknown. Fast forward this to now and virtually every other day is a special day. There has been World environment day, laughter day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and just gone by Friendship Day.

While some of the special days mentioned at the beginning corresponded to significant events that happened on those dates – India becoming republic, India attaining independence, Pandit Nehru’s birthday to whom children were very dear, Dr Radhakrishnan’s birthday who was an erudite scholar and very old traditional Fool’s day, but what about some of the newly coined special days? Do our parents deserve only one day in a year to be remembered or paid respect to? Should the person we love from the deepest core of our heart wait for Valentine’s Day to be expressed love to or gifted? And above all our friends, who are our lifeline, do we need a special day to celebrate friendship? We are from an era when friends meant family. Friends were there for you at all points of time and with a true friend around, there was hardly need for anything else. He or she would be a partner in studies, games, movies, festivals, family functions and never ever any need was felt to either express gratitude or say thanks or sorry!

However , in today’s parlance when the competition is cut throat, focus is on one’s own well being and progress, personal ambition and requirements take precedence over all relations and friendly hug has been replaced by WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, celebrating one day in a year as Friendship Day probably makes sense.

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