Indian Ethos

If we ask a senior citizen who was the best actor of his or her times, the odds are that majority of them will say Dilip Kumar, till date regarded as the best actor India has ever produced, a true thespian. If we ask people of our age and even millennial the same question, the chances are that 9 out of 10 are going to name one amongst the Khan triumvirate. Madhubala was Marilyn Monroe of India and indisputably the most beautiful face to ever hit the Indian silver screen. India is a land of music and culture and has produced in the past and will continue to produce in future artists of all hues and colours. But likes of Mohammad Rafis are born probably once in 100 years and while there have been classical music exponents galore, but very few have touched the heights attained by Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Allahrakha, Ustaad Vilayat Khan or Bismillah Khan. If we ask Ghazal lovers their favourite, chances are the poet is going to be Mirza Ghalib and singer Mehandi Hassan and our own Begum Akhtar continues to rule the heart of music lovers as one of the greatest exponents of ghazals in her own unique style, ages after she bade adieu to this world.While we have a battery of talented female singers, our very own nightingale says that there can never be another Noor Jahan. One of the best Hindu devotional song to ever have ever been produced was penned by Shakeel, composed by Naushad and sung by the great Mohammad Rafi. There have been several film makers and grand movies, but people remember Mahboob Khan and Mughal-e-Azam most fondly. Of course, tragedy queen immortalised herself with her swan song performance as a Courtesan in evergreen hit film Pakeezah, whose numbers composed by Master Ghulam Mohammad are all time classics. And if you ask me someone in the recent past catching the fantasy of Indians like no one before, inspiring today’s generation like never before, it has to be the great scientist, one of the most popular Presidents of this country, ever humble and simple Dr APJ Abdul Kalam ! Our favourite food is Biryani and Mughlai cuisine is now amongst the most popular cuisines internationally. If we love individuals of the community, love their art and food, adore their personality and appreciate their contribution, it shows that we have assimilated them into our own selves and there can be no hatred or discrimination against them. While an ordinary citizen understands this very well, is this not clear to the proponents of vote bank policy who thrive on causing friction amongst the communities instead of unifying them? Only an ordinary Indian, who has been all inclusive since time immemorial, can do this by carrying forward the great spirit of tolerance that’s intrinsic to India’s ethos.

2 thoughts on “Indian Ethos

  1. Respected Sir,

    You have expressed the ethos in a very distinguished manner, which takes us to yesteryear’s era of glory, fame & simplicity of the so called “Ratnas” of our country. I would also like to add one more name – Jagjit Singhji, who had a mesmerizing silken voice and considered to be a Ghazal maestro. I think world would hardly see such an icon in coming centinaries. Same goes with Rafi saab, whose voice was just smooth & simple, but amazingly vibrant, who had ruled & is still ruling in many hearts, globally.

    According to me, the song ‘Madhuban mein Radhika naache re’ proved that devotional songs does not require artists from same religion. You have rightly said that it was one of the best output from Rafi saab, Shakeel Badayuni saab & Naushad saab. Everyone was exemplary, be it singing, acting or scripting.

    I would sum up as “Har phankaar uss daur mein, apne apne kshetra mein maahir aur kabil-e-taarif they”

    Wonderful post Sir, which gave us a nostalgic feeling.


    1. As the objective of the blog was to highlight love of the majority for minority community, artists and achievers of majority community have not been named. Even Lata is mentioned as nightingale! Thanks


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